Hard Day's Night

Visible crew/equipment: In their final performance look closely and you can see director Richard Lester moving through the shot. He's between the Beatles and the audience. (01:16:30)


Visible crew/equipment: In the dining car the reflection of the crew and the equipment can be seen on the far right against the wall. (00:08:15)


Visible crew/equipment: A grumpy old man comes into their stateroom and sits with The Beatles. If you watch closely on the left of the screen someone bumps into the stage light and we can see it flicker. (00:06:05)


Visible crew/equipment: In their final performance Richard Lester's shadow is seen going across John Lennon's back as he walks from the back of the stage to the spot where we see him between The Beatles and the audience. (01:16:30)


Visible crew/equipment: The cameraman's shadow and reflection are seen on the left of the photo booth that the Beatles were hiding in during the opening scenes. (00:02:00)


Visible crew/equipment: In the second verse of "If I Fell" there's a shot from behind Ringo. Just as they sing, "If I trust in you" you can see a crewmember's head bobbing up and down at the bottom right of the screen. We see this place in previous and subsequent shots and no one is sitting there. (00:33:25)


Continuity mistake: While looking for the canteen, George inadvertently wanders into a production office. The receptionist takes George in to see Simon, who believes George is there to audition for a testimonial for those "dead grotty" shirts. While the receptionist is sitting on Simon's desk, her legs are straight. After Simon says, "Because he isn't wearing one of these nasty things", her legs are instantly crossed. (00:43:50)

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T.V. Director: I won an award.
John: A likely story.
T.V. Director: It's on the wall in my office.

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Trivia: During one of the songs, Shake brings an amp onto the set. Watch as George proceeds to knock it over seconds later.

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Question: During the scene where John has the conversation with the woman in the corridor, what does she mean when she says, "I knew I could rely on you", have they met before?


Chosen answer: No, she has not met Lennon before, and she's unsure if it is really him. The whole conversation is written so that their bantering does not make any real sense, and it humorously depicts how famous people are sometimes perceived by the non-famous. Basically, the woman doesn't know what she is talking about but wants to sound like she does.

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