Happy Gilmore

Continuity mistake: When Happy is taking grandma Gilmore to the nursing home you can see a picture of grandma on the rear view mirror. When the lady jumps on the car and Happy throws food on her you can see the picture of grandma Gilmore is no longer there. (00:09:27)

Continuity mistake: During the segment where the V.W. bug hits the media tower there are a few inconsistencies. First off when the bug hits the tower the pole wraps around the front end staying intact. In the next shot it shows the pole is broken and sitting on the hood. Then there's a shot where it shows a guy laying on the ground and the bug in the background. Now the bug has backed up about 4 feet and the pole is now not broken and only bent. (01:14:18)


Continuity mistake: When Virgina hits the puck during the skating scene, the puck can be seen going in that blue area in front of the net. In the next shot, however, the puck is only halfway towards the net.

Continuity mistake: Near the start we see Happy dropping off his Grandmother at a rest home. When they arrive Happy is driving on a walkway through the compound. Odd place to be driving don't you think? (00:09:08)


Continuity mistake: When Shooter's ball goes into the crowd and ends up on Mr Larsen's foot, Mr Larsen's hair is parted on his left side at the beginning of the scene, but parted on the his right side after Shooter plays his ball off his foot.


Continuity mistake: During the scene in the Subway restaurant, Virginia's cup quickly rotates back and forth 90 ° depending on the camera angle so the logo is always fully visible.

Continuity mistake: In the final golf scene at the 18th hole, the media tower falls in front of Happy's ball. When he decides to use the tower to help his ball go in the hole, watch the heads of the members of the audience. Happy hits his ball and the members of the audience are watching the ball and following it as it makes its way down the tower. It is natural that their heads will go left, right and down as they follow the ball. However, a few times, it is shown that their heads even go up, as if they are following the ball upwards. Clearly nothing can naturally move up on its own. Plus, it's only shown that the ball is going down, or to the sides.

Continuity mistake: When Happy autographs the girl's chest and then the film cuts as he autographs the old lady's chest his name on the girl's chest is different to how he wrote it. (00:45:57)

Continuity mistake: Notice when Happy goes to get the ball from the 'gator, you can see someone nudging the mouth with a golf club to keep it open from a different angle from where Happy is standing. They must have trained a gator to keep his mouth open with a ball by nudging his mouth.

Continuity mistake: When Chubbs tells Happy "you're gonna concentrate on golf," in the shot from the front he starts bringing his left arm out from behind his back. We then cut to a shot from behind him and both arms are still securely held behind him.

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Continuity mistake: When they are playing in the Michelob Invitational, Shooter McGavin's caddy is wearing the vest for the Visa Everglades Open. The flag (in the hole) also shows this same event. They play another tournament before they get to the Everglades.

Continuity mistake: When there is the small explosion when the car hits the radio/satellite tower, you can tell that it was filmed after the car itself crashed. The car was positioned, and the explosion was set off, so there is no movement in the car, even though it should still be shaking from the impact.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Happy and Bob Barker are fighting, it is obviously rainy. Yet a few times when there's a shot of Bob alone, the background behind him is a bright, sunny day.

Continuity mistake: When Happy swings the club at the beginning (and astonishes the two men), watch his arms. In one shot, he's holding the club with both hands, and in the next, he's only using one arm.


Continuity mistake: At the 18th hole when the television tower collapses you can see a man in an orange t-shirt and jeans jump off onto the floor. However in the next shot (it is quite quick so you might have to watch carefully) the same man is just jumping off and is still in the air rather than on the floor. (01:23:35)

Continuity mistake: During the final golf tournament it is obvious that some scenes were shown out of order. When Happy tells Shooter "Somebody learned how to putt," he's wearing the Subway shirt. A couple of shots later he's wearing a blue golf shirt. A little bit later the announcer says that it is the end of day 1, so I doubt he would have changed his clothing in the middle of the day. Also, when it is supposed to be the next day, he's wearing the Subway shirt again.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the scene where Happy is talking about the being a good shot with a nail gun, he covers his eyes and shoots Mr. Larson in the head, but when it shows Happy he has the gun behind his back.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Mr. Larson bends Shooter's golf club, the camera shot from behind Larson shows him bending the club until both ends of the club are parallel. But in the next shot, from in front of Larson, the club is not bent as much as in the shot before.

Continuity mistake: In the final round, when Happy and Shooter McGavin are about to tee off on the first hole, they show a picture of the 18th green with the Volkswagen Beetle already crashed into the TV tower. However, this doesn't happen until Happy gets hit by the car later in the game. (01:09:25)

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Happy Gillmore: You're gonna die, clown!

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Trivia: The evil man at the nursing home is played by Ben Stiller, then a rising star, in an uncredited role.

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Question: In the movie, when you see Happy's dream (happy place) for the second time, you see Shooter "eat" Grandma's tongue, however, in the TV version, that part is cut out, why? There's nothing bad about that part.

Answer: Maybe not to you but to a lot of people a scene in which Shooter graphically makes out with a elderly woman is a little disturbing, not something to be broadcast for children to see.

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Answer: I tried to find if a specific reason was given, but couldn't. However, movie studios provide the edited version of films for television and airlines. Removing this scene (or this scene and whatever else was cut) probably would have given "Happy Gilmore" an MPAA rating of "PG", making it more suitable to broadcast. (Of course, this is 90's MPAA standards, and if "Happy Gilmore" was released today, it might get a "PG" rating and not "PG-13.) Additionally, scenes are also cut for time, so the version that was broadcast might have been for time and not content. Studios will also include deleted scenes (often not available on home release versions) into the broadcast version to ensure the film is long enough if too many scenes have to be cut.


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