Corrected entry: In the scene where James and the Evaluator are racing Onatopp she appears to be driving a BMW but later at the casino Bond mentions a Ferrari in every garage.

Correction: It is clearly a Ferrari 355

Corrected entry: The direction of the train hostage scene is all wrong. After the train crashes into the tank, 007 enters and beats Trevelyan to the gun on the ground, he then holds Trevelyan and Xenia at gunpoint. General Ourumov then enters the scene again, behind Bond, holding Natalya hostage himself, at gunpoint. As Bond and Alec Trevelyan negotiate the situation, Ourumov just stands patiently with a gun, all while Bond still has his back to him.. what is to negotiate? Ourumov can blow 007 away at any time and still James Bond pays him little to no attention, always keeping his gun focused on the unarmed pair 10+ feet away from him. (01:28:36)

Timothy Conard

Correction: I think it can be assumed Bond knows full well what Ourumov is up to behind his back, considering how quickly he does turn and kill him when he gets round to it. Plus, Ourumov is waiting for a signal from Trevelyan (which is delivered by a quick flick of his head after he says "See you in hell, James"), so it can be assumed he's been ordered not to kill until then.

Your explanation doesn't make my point any less valid. It's all "Hollywood" and I get that.

Timothy Conard

Corrected entry: When Bond is sitting on the beach, Natalya approaches from the side and he looks up at her at least once. Yet when she reaches him, suddenly she's in front of him, and he reacts as though he was completely unaware of her presence. (01:34:00)

Correction: In no way does Bond ever "react as though he was completely unaware of her presence." We see him look across at her several times regardless of her position.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: During the pursuit scene in St. Petersburg, a military truck breaks a fence and falls in the water, but the soldiers inside it fall outside before the impact. (01:18:30)

Dr Wilson

Corrected entry: When the three MiGs overfly the Severnaya facility, just before the Goldeneye weapon is fired, one of the pilots is talking. His voice is conspicuously devoid of a Russian accent, instead he is talking British English. (00:39:00 - 00:41:00)


Correction: The mask hides the Russian accent. But it is there.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: When Boris goes for a cigarette outside the satellite station, you can see the fake snow inside his mouth. If the snow were real, it would melt in his mouth. (00:29:30)

Correction: You only see snow in his mouth for a tiny fraction of a second. Less time than it would take for the snow to fully melt.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: When Bond visits Q to check on the latest gadgets, Q sits in a wheelchair with a below left knee plaster, which later on shoots a type of grenade into a dummy. Once Q has fired this missile in the very next shot he stands up from the wheelchair in trousers and shoes with not a sign of the whole plaster cast. (00:48:25)

Correction: The cast does not disappear and can be seen both before and after Q stands up. It has merely been opened up lengthways (there was enough time for this amidst two explosions and him saying "Hunting!"), and the tip of it can still be seen above his left foot.


Corrected entry: In the baccarat scene in Bond's last hand, Bond's 3rd card is a 6. The bank has 5 in its 2 dealt cards, and thus should then draw a 3rd card by baccarat rules, but the bank stands instead. Neither the bank nor player can choose to stand in baccarat. All plays are dictated by the cards.

Correction: This is only true for American Baccarat, however. European Baccarat or Chemin De Fer allow the player discretion and this was probably what Bond was playing.

Corrected entry: When Xenia brings Bond to the statue yard, he asks "Janus is here?" to which Xenia replies "Yes". Listen when she says it...she suddenly loses the Russian accent and is talking in her normal voice.


Correction: Who's to say that isn't still her character's accent? One word articulated in a certain way isn't really enough to qualify as a mistake.

Corrected entry: Just before the unveiling of the Tiger helicopter, there is a shot of Bond jumping from the frigate onto a smaller boat. The stuntman jumps down and for a brief second recoils, as if hitting his groin. For the second that he is walking towards the front of the smaller boat, he can be seen wobbling weakly.

Correction: He doesn't recoil at all, nor wobble weakly. All he does is adjust his balance after the jump, and then walks very swiftly to the boat's controls.

Corrected entry: The loco pulling the train is in fact a British Rail class 20 diesel disguised as a snowplough and not actually Russian at all.

Correction: Trivia, not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: When Bond first meets with Wade, Bond says his name and Wade replies "Are you a gardener or something?" In reality, Ian Fleming based his character's name on a real life gardener whose name happened to be James Bond.

Correction: James Bond was the author of the book "Birds of the West Indies," which was a favorite book of Fleming's. He may have had an interest in gardening as well, however, it is the book for which he is more famous.

Captain Defenestrator

Corrected entry: The beginning sequence set in Arkhangelsk, Russia, shows towering snow-capped mountains surrounding the chemical weapons facility. The Arkhangelsk region consists entirely of flat tundra.

Correction: The scene at the dam identifies the location as the "Arkangel Chemical Weapons Facility - USSR." The name "Arkangel" does not necessarily mean it's located in Arkhangelsk. Washington Mutual Bank, for instance, is not headquartered in either Washington state or the US capital.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Trevelyan is trying to kiss Natalie in the armoured train, the driver of the train spots the tank on tracks and beeps the beeper. But Trevelyan leaves Natalie and starts moving towards the front several milliseconds *before* the siren starts beeping.

Correction: Several milliseconds? Are you kidding? You cannot see anything event which occurs in 'several milliseconds', even with freeze frame. This is not a film mistake.

Corrected entry: Trevelyan's plan is to rob vast sums of money from the banks of London, then use the Goldeneye satellite to trigger a massive financial meltdown. While this will indeed cover up the theft, such a catastrophic economic disaster will also, surely render his money worthless.

Correction: No. There would still be stock markets and major banks open in Japan, New York etc. Trevelyan's plan would be like a much larger version of the Wall Street crash, in such times money becomes more valuable, not worthless.

Corrected entry: M states that electromagnetic pulse effects of an atomic bomb exploding in high atmosphere was discovered after Hiroshima's bombing. It's not true. It was discovered after high altitude tests over Hawaii in 1953.

Dr Wilson

Correction: She never mentions how long after Hiroshima that EMP was discovered. She probably mentions Hiroshima because it was the first use of a nuclear bomb.

Corrected entry: If the second Goldeneye satellite blew up in space, surely it would've triggered the nuclear device within to blow up, causing the EMP surge anyway.

Correction: Surely not. The high explosives surrounding the fissionable material are precisely engineered to explode simultaneously and crush the material. Any nearby explosion would not be enought to cause the material to implode and start the chain reaction.


Corrected entry: At the end of the race with Xenia, the female evaluator tells James to "Stop this car at once." Seconds later, Bond uses the emergency brake to stop the car, but he uses his right hand. How is this possible if he is driving on the right side of the vehicle?

Correction: Not all cars have the emergency brake in between the seats. Some of them have it under the steering column close to the door which would require his right hand.


Corrected entry: Just before Bond jumps through the vent and knocks out the guy on the toilet, we have a bird's eve view of the toilet - and there's no toilet paper.. Furthermore, why did he bring his own paper when there's one hanging up? (perhaps the one hanging up was actually for toilet paper..) (00:02:40)

Correction: That's not necessarily a mistake. I for one have been caught out by forgetting to check if there is toilet paper present. As for the paper, the one hanging up may be out of date, or one that he has already read.

Corrected entry: In the last fight scene, 006 eventually corners 007 and holds a gun to his face. However you can still hear a punch being thrown right before this shot, but after the punching stopped. (02:00:22)

Correction: It's more likely the sound of something in the room falling over - remember, they knocked around quite a few things during their fight.

Continuity mistake: James Bond does his bungee jump down a dam that looks like it's in the beginning of spring, but when he emerges from the factory, it is dead winter with no dam in site, since they are on a mountain top. (00:01:00)

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Trivia: The "dish" in "Cuba" isn't some prop designed for the film, nor is it in Cuba. It's actually the Arecibo Observatory, an antenna in Puerto Rico designed to look into space for radio waves and other signs of intelligent life.

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Question: How did Alec survive being shot at the start only to return later in the film. It's something that I can't figure out, as James saw him get shot.

Ssiscool Premium member

Chosen answer: The real answer, which I believe was explained better in the game or in special features. Regardless, I did hear, is that Ourumov wasn't aiming directly at Alec's head, but to the side and shot the ground behind him. But made it look like he shot him in the head. Alec would have felt the bullet whiz by him.

Quantom X Premium member

It has been a while since I watched the movie, and my copy is a VHS... but I believe if you watch very closely you can actually see the bullet hit the ground behind him with a tile breaking. I don't remember for sure if you can, but I seem to remember they did add that little effect.

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: But what about the Russian soldier who was nervous and fired at the gas tanks, only to be shot by Ourumov? Did he fake his death too?

That's a valid point. Ourumov never reloaded.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: He was shot with a blank cartridge. What that means is that the casing in the gun chamber didn't contain a live bullet; instead of killing him, the gun simply gave off a realistic flash that tricked Bond into thinking Alec had been shot. As explained later in the film, Alec's death was staged between himself and Ourumov.

Cubs Fan Premium member

Wouldn't James know it was a blank round? Lack of blood for example?

Ssiscool Premium member

Ourumov shot Alec and the Russian soldier with the same gun but, only the soldier was actually killed.

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