Corrected entry: If you've lived in the Russian world, you know how very unlikely it is that any Russian would (like Boris) have to go outside to smoke a cigarette. That he should have to go outside in that kind of weather is even less believable. Of course, that isn't Boris's real reason for going outside. But his excuse should seem strange to everyone else.

Correction: His excuse didn't seem strange to his co-workers because Boris didn't actually say he was going *outside* to have the cigarette, he just said he was going to have one. No-one would have found it strange because they probably thought he was going to the canteen room to have it.


Corrected entry: When Bond enters the Soviet base at the start of the film you see 006 Trevelyan in the shadows pointing a gun at Bond and shouting in Russian. Bond then replies "I'm alone." Trevelyan then steps out of the shadows and greets Bond. If this were real then he would have killed Bond right there and not have to bother about the facade of being captured by Ourumov. MI6 would probably presume both men are dead and there would be no Bond to stop Trevelyan's plan. The only reason Trevelyan doesn't kill him there is because it doesn't fit the idea of the film (Bond always wins in the end.)

Correction: Actually, if both agents mysteriously disappeared then Trevelyan might be suspected, but if Bond "sees" him being shot then they will definately believe he's dead. Also, Trevelyan doesn't start out wanting Bond dead, they're old friends. In St. Petersburg he tries to convince him to work with him.


Corrected entry: The giant radio dish in Cuba is actually Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. It could not be filled with water like it was in the movie.

Correction: The dish is a fictional facility in Cuba, wherever it may have been filmed, so for the purposes Trevelyan's plan it must be made of a material able to withstand the pressure of the disguising lake.


Corrected entry: When the Mig slams into the Russian satellite after being hit by the EMP, it is as big as the base of the satellite. However, the base of the satellite alone is a few stories high, much larger than a small fighter plane. (00:40:45)

Correction: The fighter in question is a Russian Mig 29 Fulcrum which has a length of 56 feet, 10 inches and a wingspan of 36 feet, 5 inches. If placed in a vertical position with the tail on the groud and the nose pointed up it would be almost five stories high making it about the same size as the satellite dish.

Corrected entry: The Goldeneye spacecraft is clearly in low Earth orbit (as opposed to deep space, orbiting Mars or something). You shouldn't need an antenna the size of a football field to contact a satellite in low Earth orbit. Consider the Direct TV antennas or any home satellite dish, yet Goldeneye requires an antenna the size of the Arecibo Radio Telescope?

Correction: It's possible that the antenna in the satellite is so small that only a dish of that size could send a useable signal. This would be a safety measure. Should the device become known, it could still not be accessed and fired by anyone.

Corrected entry: In the scene where James and the Evaluator are racing Onatopp she appears to be driving a BMW but later at the casino Bond mentions a Ferrari in every garage.

Correction: It is clearly a Ferrari 355

Continuity mistake: James Bond does his bungee jump down a dam that looks like it's in the beginning of spring, but when he emerges from the factory, it is dead winter with no dam in site, since they are on a mountain top. (00:01:00)

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Natalya Simonova: How can you be so cold?
James Bond: It's what keeps me alive.
Natalya Simonova: No. It's what keeps you alone.

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Trivia: When Bond is playing baccarat with Xenia, his last hand, and only winning hand against her, is two face cards (a king and a queen if I remember correctly) and a six. In baccarat, face cards and tens are worth 0 and cards under ten are worth their number. So, his cards are, in order, 0-0-6, the code number of his lost friend, Alec Trevelyan (006).

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