Corrected entry: The giant radio dish in Cuba is actually Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. It could not be filled with water like it was in the movie.

Correction: The dish is a fictional facility in Cuba, wherever it may have been filmed, so for the purposes Trevelyan's plan it must be made of a material able to withstand the pressure of the disguising lake.


Corrected entry: When the Mig slams into the Russian satellite after being hit by the EMP, it is as big as the base of the satellite. However, the base of the satellite alone is a few stories high, much larger than a small fighter plane. (00:40:45)

Correction: The fighter in question is a Russian Mig 29 Fulcrum which has a length of 56 feet, 10 inches and a wingspan of 36 feet, 5 inches. If placed in a vertical position with the tail on the groud and the nose pointed up it would be almost five stories high making it about the same size as the satellite dish.

Corrected entry: The Goldeneye spacecraft is clearly in low Earth orbit (as opposed to deep space, orbiting Mars or something). You shouldn't need an antenna the size of a football field to contact a satellite in low Earth orbit. Consider the Direct TV antennas or any home satellite dish, yet Goldeneye requires an antenna the size of the Arecibo Radio Telescope?

Correction: It's possible that the antenna in the satellite is so small that only a dish of that size could send a useable signal. This would be a safety measure. Should the device become known, it could still not be accessed and fired by anyone.

Corrected entry: When Famke comes down on a rope from the helicopter near the dish in Cuba the rope hangs absolutely static near Bond when the camera has him in view. Excellent chopper pilot.

Correction: The rope doesn't hang absolutely static. In all shots it shakes around quite a bit as she descends.

Corrected entry: When the helicopter near the dish in Cuba crashes it pulls Famke away from Bond, as she is attached to the chopper by a rope. The tree breaks her movement and she dies. She should have been ripped to pieces or cut in half by the rope which after all had a helicopter attached to it.

Correction: She is killed by smashing against the tree at the same time the helicopter hits the ground. At the moment the helicopter crashes it stops pulling on the rope.

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Corrected entry: At one point, Bond and Natalia jump into the dried satellite basin and slide uncontrollably towards the centre to avoid gunfire from jungle soldiers. The friction encountered would have burned off their skin and clothes, leaving them for dead. The same happens when you slide along the road at high-speed, without leather, after coming off a motorbike.

Correction: The satellite basin had only just come out of the water, so it would still be wet. This reduces the friction and allows them to slide down the basin relatively unharmed.


Revealing mistake: During the draining of the water in the dish, some shots show the water moving backwards. For instance, at a particular moment, masses of water jump UP, ark toward the opening, and fall in it. The most likely reason is that, during the filming, the special effects people took a shot of a replica of the dish FILLING with water, then edited it the other way, to show that the water was emptied from the dish. (01:42:00)

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Natalya Simonova: How can you be so cold?
James Bond: It's what keeps me alive.
Natalya Simonova: No. It's what keeps you alone.

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Trivia: This flub needs slow-mo to catch but is worth listing as trivia. When Bond jumps off the dam, they do a shot, following him along his descent down the ledge of the wall. In a shot only visible during three or four frames, but they catch a shot of the ledge before panning down, in which you can see the film crew watching on top, together with a van or two... (00:01:50)

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Question: If the opening scene was staged to get 007 to surrender, then it seems it was a terrible plan. Look how many Russians got killed by Bond and 006. It seems very awkward that the whole thing was staged. Why did Bond need to surrender? Why couldn't 006 just shoot him (besides the usual reason that 007 must be executed through an overly involved and escape-riddled plan) What would they do with him once he was captured? Too many questions and a weird scenario.

Answer: The plan was not to capture 007, it was to stage 006's death. Trevelyan's long-term goal was to steal money from the Bank of England and cover it up using the GoldenEye satellite - he presumably did not have time to run the Janus Syndicate and implement this very elaborate plan whilst serving as a full-time MI6 officer. In fact, it was probably the intention that Bond should escape and tell the British government that 006 had died a hero's death.

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