Corrected entry: Brosnan's contract to play James Bond specifies that while contracted as Bond he is not permitted to appear in any other film wearing a tuxedo. Although he then went on to wear one in the remake of the Thomas Crown Affair

Correction: Brosnan's contract states he can't wear a James Bond-like tuxedo (including the black tie). In the Thomas Crown Affair he was allowed to wear a tuxedo, without breaking the JB contract, as it included a white bowtie.

In TCA, Brosnan's bowtie was not only white, but all undone and hanging around his neck.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, before the main titles, Bond rides a motorcycle off a cliff after a light aircraft. He then falls after the plane and catches up with it. This is patently impossible as described hundreds of years ago by Galileo and demonstrated on the moon during the Apollo missions. All bodies, neglecting air resistance, fall at the same rate. If anything Bond and the plane should have got further apart as Bond has a greater air resistance to mass ratio, and the plane is still under power. (00:09:30)

Correction: That only refers to being in a vacuum. If what you say is true a parachute wouldn't slow you down.

Correction: Throughout all Bond films, he has always adjusted his necktie after an action scene - Bond probably did it off-screen, in the tank, once it had stopped moving.

He is actually shown adjusting his tie while inside the tank. It's a quick cut and easy to miss.

Corrected entry: When Bond and Natalya are together in the Russian jail cell after escaping from the helicopter, Bond seizes Natalya's wrist and says something about her watch being frozen at the time of the Severnaya blast. Given that we already know Natalya is smart, pragmatic and resourceful, and that the blast took place several days beforehand, why would she still be wearing a broken watch? (01:13:57)

Correction: Natayla has just survived a blast which could of easily killed her, escaped the wreckage, and somehow made it to St. Petersburg searching for answers, and wanting revenge - a broken watch is the least of her worries.

Corrected entry: When bond and 006 are in the gas room of the facility, Colonel Orumov captures 006. As Orumov is counting down until he kills 006, Alec (006) can be seen saying 3, 2, then he gets shot. This is kinda hard to see though.

Correction: Alec has planned this all along, it is one big set-up. He might be counting along to prepare himself for acting like he's being shot, just like some actors do.

Corrected entry: At the end where Wade appears, James and Natalya rise from their kiss. They are shown from the front rising to their knees, then from the back still getting up from the ground. (02:05:02)

Correction: When they rise to their knees, they are sitting on their feet. In the next shot, they are getting up from sitting. It makes perfect sense.

Corrected entry: Towards the end when Bond and Natalia find the huge satellite they slide down it. Towards the end of the slide you can see a roller board under Bond. (01:47:49)

Correction: It looks VERY much like a roller board, but it is actually the back of his vest.

Corrected entry: Prior to entering the bottling room, you see Bond and Trevelyan kill a pair of scientists, yet in the glass wall of their labs, you can see their reflections, still standing. (00:04:39)

Correction: Actually, they only kill one scientist, and that reflection is actually steam from chemicals in the lab.

Corrected entry: When Boris goes for a cigarette outside the satelite station, why does his lighter only blow out when the stolen helicopter passes overhead? What about the blizzard that he has stepped into? (00:31:06)

Correction: Because the lighter is close to his body, and it's not exactly a blizzard out. Watch the snow. When he lights the lighter, you can see the wind wasn't blowing.

Corrected entry: In the train getaway scene Bond's tank is stashed neatly in the railway tunnel further up the line. How can he possibly have caught up with the locomotive that appears to be travelling at over 70 mph?

Correction: Let's assume that the tank can move pretty quickly at maybe 35 mph, and that no railroad tracks go in a perfectly straight line. The train could be weaving around and turning while Bond can drive his tank straight to the tunnel, giving him a time advantage.

Corrected entry: This is a major point in the Bond film "You Only Live Twice" as well. How on earth did the bad guys purchase the parts for, and then secretly assemble, such huge bases? You'd have thought someone should have noticed all the materials being transported, or the large amounts of hi-tech equipment being purchased.

Correction: The dish was in an extremely remote area, and was assembeled underground. It's possible to move multiple shipments into the rainforest without being noticed. In "You Only Live Twice", they use an ordinary tanker to ship supplies at night and move them through caverns to the site of the base.

Corrected entry: When Xenia and Ouromov leave the bunker they get into the chopper and fly away. Boris couldn't have gone with them because the helicopter only has two seats.

Correction: No one ever says that Boris leaves with them. They all probably met back up in St. Petersburg.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the beginning where Trevelyan is "shot" in the head to make it appear to Bond like he was dead, how did they fake this without Bond noticing? He has seen Trevelyan move and talk, and he sees him talking as he is being "shot". A gun like that would take the back of his head clean off, if not making his head break into 3 or 4 different pieces. James Bond is a spy who's killed many men in his career. Wouldn't he notice this blatant farce? (00:06:57)

Correction: Bond quite naturally turns away when the trigger has been pulled because he thinks he's just seen his friend killed and after that is fighting to escape with his life, not paying much attention to a 'body' on the ground.

Corrected entry: After Ouromov captured Bond and Natalya he shoots the Russian minister with Bond's gun. Then he takes the magazine out of the gun, removes the bullets and throws the empty gun back to Bond. But there still has to be one bullet within the gun. Bond should have used this one to kill Ouromov. (01:17:06)

Correction: There are some guns that have a safety feature that you cannot fire the bullet in the chamber if there is an empty or no magazine.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bond is attempting to disable the dish we see him put a metal bar though the satellite's chain drive then run after Alec. But in the very next shot the metal bar now has a smaller chain wrapped around it. (01:58:45)

Correction: The bar already had the chain wrapped around it when it was hanging on the rack where Bond got the bar from.

Corrected entry: Valentin tells Bond he only knows 3 men who use a Walther PPK, 9mm. He also says he killed 2 of them. Bond says "Lucky me" and one of Valentin's men holds up a gun to Bond's head. The gun is a Walther PPK, 9mm.

Correction: Valentin's line is: Walther PPK 7.65mm, only three men I know use such a gun. I believe I've killed two of them.

Corrected entry: In the chemical weapons factory, Urumov tells to the soldiers not to shoot at Bond because there is gas. So why do they shoot in the begining to break the window? The bullets could have gone through and caused an explosion just as easily.

Dr Wilson

Correction: The windows are bulletproof, and they are shot to make the soldiers get in the bottling room.

Corrected entry: When Bond holds his pistol to Zukovsky, Zukovsky says it is a Walther PPK, and he knows only three people who use the gun and he has killed two. In fact, every aircrewmen and aircrewwomen in the British Royal Army Air Corps, Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, and Royal Air Force uses it. It is perferable to the Beretta due to its small size.

Correction: This may be true but Zukovsky isn't saying that there are only three people in the entire world who use the gun, only that he KNOWS three people who use it.

Corrected entry: If you've lived in the Russian world, you know how very unlikely it is that any Russian would (like Boris) have to go outside to smoke a cigarette. That he should have to go outside in that kind of weather is even less believable. Of course, that isn't Boris's real reason for going outside. But his excuse should seem strange to everyone else.

Correction: His excuse didn't seem strange to his co-workers because Boris didn't actually say he was going *outside* to have the cigarette, he just said he was going to have one. No-one would have found it strange because they probably thought he was going to the canteen room to have it.


Corrected entry: When Bond enters the Soviet base at the start of the film you see 006 Trevelyan in the shadows pointing a gun at Bond and shouting in Russian. Bond then replies "I'm alone." Trevelyan then steps out of the shadows and greets Bond. If this were real then he would have killed Bond right there and not have to bother about the facade of being captured by Ourumov. MI6 would probably presume both men are dead and there would be no Bond to stop Trevelyan's plan. The only reason Trevelyan doesn't kill him there is because it doesn't fit the idea of the film (Bond always wins in the end.)

Correction: Actually, if both agents mysteriously disappeared then Trevelyan might be suspected, but if Bond "sees" him being shot then they will definately believe he's dead. Also, Trevelyan doesn't start out wanting Bond dead, they're old friends. In St. Petersburg he tries to convince him to work with him.


Revealing mistake: During the draining of the water in the dish, some shots show the water moving backwards. For instance, at a particular moment, masses of water jump UP, ark toward the opening, and fall in it. The most likely reason is that, during the filming, the special effects people took a shot of a replica of the dish FILLING with water, then edited it the other way, to show that the water was emptied from the dish. (01:42:00)

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[Bond puts his gun against Valentin Zukovsky's head.]
Valentin Zukovsky: Walther PPK. Seven point six five millimeter. Only three men I know use such a gun. I believe I've killed two of them.

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Trivia: This flub needs slow-mo to catch but is worth listing as trivia. When Bond jumps off the dam, they do a shot, following him along his descent down the ledge of the wall. In a shot only visible during three or four frames, but they catch a shot of the ledge before panning down, in which you can see the film crew watching on top, together with a van or two... (00:01:50)

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Question: What is the translation of 006's words when he holds the gun to Bond's head in the dark toward the beginning of the movie?

Answer: "Don't even breathe. Where are the others?"

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