Trivia: The movie which the girl and the baby are watching just before Grant visits them is "The Toxic Avenger" a popular Troma Release.

Trivia: Right after the huge out break of worms the mother tells the two girls to go to bed. Well look at the books the two girls are reading.The books "The Girl Who Cried Monster" and "You Can't Scare Me" from the Goosebump's series. This is trivia because one of the books talks about a man doing weird things with slug like creatures.


Trivia: The film has several notable cameos. Writer/Director James Gunn has a cameo as the teacher Starla talks to at the beginning of the film. Rock star and director Rob Zombie provides the voice of Grant's doctor over the phone. And Troma creator Lloyd Kaufman has a cameo during the film playing a drunk man.


Trivia: During the beginning montage, the camera passes over the "R.J. McCready Funeral Home." R.J. McCready was the main character in John Carpenter's classic remake "The Thing."


Audio problem: Just after the car crash, when the zombies are taking Starla, Bill and Kylie yell after her, but they call her Carla.


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Jack MacReady: Move the fuck out of the way, cocksucker!
Mother with child: Howdy, Mayor.

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