The Pink Panther

Other mistake: In the final scene where the police chief is barreling through the hospital on his bed, he goes along a straight path, yet when the two inspectors and the assistant come down the stairs they come out the side of the corridor. If the police chief followed a straight path, how did they come out of the side of the corridor, and how did the bed turn around a 90 degree corner at that speed?

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Other mistake: When Ponton and Clouseau are driving the car, before the cyclist smashes in the door, the car is reflected many times on the windows. There is a black object at the rear of the car, which was not there before, and disappears the rest of the film.

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Dr Wilson

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When Clouseau parks in front of the ministry of justice, he breaks the hood of two police cars. A few shots later, when we see him entering the building, only one of the cars is broken.



At the end of the film, when the hospital bed crashes through the hospital window, Inspector Clouseau says "That breeze feels good". Steve Martin had said this line in the 1983 film "The Man with Two Brains", where his character Dr Michael Hfuhruhurr tells Dolores Benedict the same words after he breaks a window.