The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther (2006)

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Clouseau solves the case : the killer is Yuri, the trainer. He killed Gluant out of envy and was forced to kill Bizu after the latter started blackmailing him. Yuri is captured by Clouseau at the presidential palace right before he can kill Xania, who had been ignoring his advances. The Pink Panther itself is hidden in Xania's purse; she received it as an engagement gift from Gluant right before he died and didn't reveal this out of fear of becoming a suspect.Clouseau receives the Medal of Honour, then continues to severely (but always accidentally) injure Dreyfus.


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When Clouseau parks in front of the ministry of justice, he breaks the hood of two police cars. A few shots later, when we see him entering the building, only one of the cars is broken.



At the end of the film, when the hospital bed crashes through the hospital window, Inspector Clouseau says "That breeze feels good". Steve Martin had said this line in the 1983 film "The Man with Two Brains", where his character Dr Michael Hfuhruhurr tells Dolores Benedict the same words after he breaks a window.