The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Continuity mistake: Milo Maxwell enters the bank and there is a counter below a large photograph of a bank officer/founder visible through the entrance. Instant inside shot of Milo entering the bank and now there is a lady in a peach-colored dress and yellow hat at the counter.


Continuity mistake: After hearing the woman scream, Luther wheels his car around, stopping in the middle of the street. Interior shots of Luther show a lawn and flowers through his driver side window, when there should be the street itself.


Continuity mistake: When Mrs. Maxwell, the head of the "Occult Society", is arguing with her husband Milo, watch her dish of tapioca. In the first shot, a profile shot, the dish is full. When the shot switches to a head-on shot, the dish is nearly empty. In the next profile shot, the dish is once again full and she's just then taking her first bite.

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Luther Heggs: When you work with words, words are your work.

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Trivia: The paintings of Mrs. Simmons are actually two different women. Don't know who the first one is (the one with the shears and blood), but the second one, when Luther brings everyone with him to the mansion, is actually taken from a painting of a mother and daughter entitled "Mrs. Fiske Warren and her daughter Rachel."

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