The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
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Halcyon Maxwell: Why, Milo, you didn't finish your tapioca. No wonder you have a nervous stomach.

Kelsey: You know why you thought you saw a murder out there, Luther? 'Cause that's a murder house.

Luther Heggs: Well, me, I just don't happen to believe in ghosts... particularly.

Halcyon Maxwell: You don't seem to realise the cosmic importance of this.

Luther Heggs: When you work with words, words are your work.

Luther Heggs: Mr. Boob, that's me. B double-O B - boob.

Whitlow: I'm asking you a question, Heggs! Can't you curb your imagination for one minute?
Luther Heggs: Can't you curb your tongue for a minute?
Man in audience: Atta boy, Luther.

Luther Heggs: Calm? Do "murder" and "calm" go together? Calm and murder? Murder?

Halcyon Maxwell: Why, this is bigger than the - than the Whispering Steeple in Kansas City.

Milo Maxwell: Oh, I-I-I-I'm so sorry that I'm late, but we had a seance at the house last night and it ran on until all hours.

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