The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966)

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Corrected entry: When Luther and Alma are eating chicken noodle soup together in the restaurant, Alma's boyfriend comes in and begins making fun of Luther. He gets angry and storms out, telling the cashier to put the bill on his tab. She replies that he doesn't have a tab, and he begins to feverishly dig for money in his pocket. If you watch as the scene begins to fade out, Don Knotts stops searching for the money and acts calm really quick, like the director just yelled "cut".

Correction: I have observed this scene many times, and as the scene ends, Knotts' hand is dug deep into his pocket, and he approaches Ollie and Alma as if to sheepishly ask for some cash to cover the cost of his and Alma's meal.

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