The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Visible crew/equipment: The shadow of a boom mike is seen rising out of the bank scene as Mr. Maxwell finishes speaking with his secretary to see Mr. Simmons.


Visible crew/equipment: After Luther falls down the chute then gathers himself, and looks across at the glowing flashlight on the moving rocking chair, the pant legs and black shoes of a crew person are moving from behind a desk in the background. (00:31:05)

Continuity mistake: When Mrs. Maxwell, the head of the "Occult Society", is arguing with her husband Milo, watch her dish of tapioca. In the first shot, a profile shot, the dish is full. When the shot switches to a head-on shot, the dish is nearly empty. In the next profile shot, the dish is once again full and she's just then taking her first bite.

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Trivia: Joan Staley, who played Alma in the film, was Miss November 1958 in Playboy magazine.


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