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Corrected entry: Towards the end, when Nick is holding Christine hostage in the CRS cafeteria, when the waiter drops the tray and the guards start shooting, Nick & Christine take off and run along the back and out a rear door into the stairwell. He does not look back to the rest of the cafeteria. He runs straight for the door as the guards continue to shoot. Feingold is then shot while standing in line back by the food counter. When Nick is on the roof and Christine is trying to tell him its all fake, he says he saw Feingold get shot. Nick actually never saw this. (01:51:30)

Luna Negra

Correction: This entry is completely full of chronological errors. It first states that Nick & Christine run out a rear door into the stairwell, but this does no happen until after the guards shoot Feingold. It is obvious because they run half next to the same pastry cart that Feingold is shot in front of in the kitchen, thus making it impossible for Nicholas not to have seen Feingold's supposedly dead body, and which is why in the end when Christine is trying to tell him its all fake, she responds to him saying he saw Feingold die, she asks him if that's what he really saw and that they were just squibs.

Corrected entry: The movie is set in October, yet when characters pass by a Hallmark shop in one scene, we see signs inside the store promoting Father's Day.

Correction: Due to the extreme nature of The Game, it is quite possible that the store was in on it too, especially given the circumstances with Nick's father.

Corrected entry: At the end, Christine informs Nicholas that the machine guns shooting at them throughout the movie were shooting blanks. Yet the bullets actually did damage to several objects (ie: the windshield of the car).

Correction: Being how elaborate the set up was and to what lengths they went it could be conceived they used small explosive charges in certain places to make it seem as if they were being shot at.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: Nicholas (Michael Douglas) sits at the airport when a guy in the seat opposing him is staring at him. Nicholas asks if he can help him and the guy says nothing, he just keeps looking at him. After that, Nicholas notices that his pen is leaking ink. The next shot, you see him cleaning his shirt in the restrooms. This is obviously a different shirt, since the colour is different and it has little stripes on it. (00:31:00)

Correction: The shirt is the same; we see in a close-up before the leak that it has a fine checked pattern, which appears as plain pale blue from a distance, and in the restroom the lighting is dim, making the colour appear slightly different.


Corrected entry: On the rooftop, Nick shoots his brother Conrad then tries to kill himself by stepping over the edge of the building. You can see from the shots that it's a very high building, yet when Nick hits the big 'cushion' on the floor, he gets up and there he sees his brother and Christine, along with several other people that were on the roof when Conrad 'died'. Unless they, too, jumped down or something, they couldn't have gotten down there so fast.

Correction: Nick is instructed to lie on the airbag for some time, while they get to him, remove the breakaway glass from his body and he's checked over by the paramedics. A reasonably fast lift would be able to get them there in time.

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Corrected entry: After the driver of the cab that goes into the bay bails out of the car his door is obviously open, but when the car goes into the water it is closed. (01:11:20)

Correction: When the cab hits the water, it rolls to the left right onto the driver's door. You can see this at regular speed. The impact with the water closes the door.

Corrected entry: Before going to the hospital Michael Douglas is told by the cops to hop in the ambulance and he does so without taking his briefcase. However when he gets out of the ambulance you can see the briefcase sitting in the back.

Correction: Michael Douglas is actually holding the briefcase in his right hand and you can see him place it into the back of the ambulance.

Corrected entry: After the car goes into the water it takes a long time before water starts coming into the car. When it does, it shoots into the car like some seal was broken. In reality cars are so full of ways for water to get in, that the car starts to fill with water as soon as it goes in.

Correction: Given what we later find out, it's perfectly plausible that the taxi was waterproofed.

Corrected entry: We learn that everything was staged by CRS but are we to believe they are so good that they predicted the exact spot that Nicholas would jump from? They even got a big X on the mattress in which he could have jumped from any point of that roof. Even 2-3 meters to the left or to the right would lead him to fall not on the mattress but on the floor and die.

Correction: How can we believe that CRS could predict every one of Nicholas' actions and thoughts throughout the entire movie if they can't precisely determine where he would land if he jumped off a building? Something about Nicholas' psyche made him choose that point to jump at and CRS determined this ahead of time. Feingold says that if Nicholas didn't jump properly it was his job to throw him off - this is a safety measure in case they didn't call it correctly.


Corrected entry: He uses an AmEx platinum card at the Nikko Hotel, but the number starts with 3713. Platinum cards all start with 372.

Correction: The American Express website state that AmEx cards start with 37 or 34. There seems to be no evidence of platinum cards starting with 372.

Plot hole: When Nick confronts the P.I. and yells "Why are you following me?", he looks inside the car and see the file with his picture on the front seat. The P.I. notices this and turns the file over. After Nick grabs his gun, the P.I. jumps out on the other side, raises his hands in the air and tells him someone hired him and runs off. As the P.I. runs off, Nick yells "Who hired you?" as he stands alone next to the car. He then waits a minute and walks off. If he really wanted to know more information, he could have taken the file that was right in front of him on the carseat. It makes no sense that he is desperate for information about the strange events that are going on, sees this file on him, and yet doesn't even pick it up or look at it. (00:59:55)

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Nicholas: I don't care about the money. I'm pulling back the curtain. I want to meet the wizard.

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Trivia: Director David Fincher has admitted since the release of "The Game" that he wasn't pleased with the way the third act of the film turned out and he believes he probably shouldn't have made the film. He said that he and the writers had trouble coming up with a satisfactory ending, and that his longtime girlfriend and producing partner Ceán Chaffin tried to persuade him to drop out of the project as a result. He was quoted as saying: "We didn't figure out the third act, and it was my fault, because I thought if you could just keep your foot on the throttle it would be liberating and funny."

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Question: SPOILER: How did The Game managed to get Nicholas Jump right into the giant Mattress in the end?

Answer: One of the guys says, at the end, if he (Nicholas) didn't jump, it was his job to push him. It's just good luck he landed right in the correct spot - we can only assume that if he was going to jump in entirely the wrong place he would have been stopped.


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