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Continuity mistake: In the scene at the restaurant, when the waitress runs into Michael Douglas and they both get wine all over each other, watch her shirt carefully. In one shot there are many wine stains all over. The next shot, there's not much. Then it goes back to having lots of wine stains. (00:35:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Nicholas and Christine are starting to leave her apartment after Nicholas smashes the smoke detector, Christine puts on her coat, then it cuts to the CRS van. When it cuts back to her, she only has the coat on her right arm. (01:20:15)

Continuity mistake: When Nicholas pulls Christine out of the elevator he is standing just above it and reaching through the opening. But in the next wide shot from outside the cabin he is pulling her through the door a few meters above the cabin. (00:44:05)

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Continuity mistake: When Nicholas waits at the CRS office he is supervised by a hidden camera. In the convex cover of the camera you see a reflection of the whole room but Nicholas, who is standing in the middle of the room, is not visible. (00:18:40)


Continuity mistake: When Nicholas and Christine run away from the hospital the CRS people send a dog after them through a narrow lane. The stretch the dog has to cover to catch up with them is a lot longer that what they actually run. (00:45:40)


Continuity mistake: When Nicholas wakes up in the Mexican graveyard he has a injury on his nose. For the rest of the movie the size and shape of the scar keeps changing from one scene to the next. (01:38:05)


Continuity mistake: When Nick is being followed by the PI, watch the chase car carefully. Several times both seats in the PI's car are occupied yet when Nick confronts him, the PI is alone. (00:58:55 - 00:59:45)

Continuity mistake: At the very end of the movie, Nicholas is talking to Christine. The hair around her ear changes from perfectly combed to messy between front and back shots. (01:52:15)

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Continuity mistake: When Nick confronts the old man in the hotel after he sees the pictures, he throws them in the old man's lap. Watch the cup and one of the pictures jump around between shots. Sometimes the cup is gone and the picture moves. (01:01:05 - 01:02:00)

Continuity mistake: Check the scene in slow motion when Nicholas picks up his Amex card at the Nikko. At the bottom of the frame you see the card in his hand for a fraction of the second, while it is supposed to lie still on the counter. (00:52:45)


Continuity mistake: In Christine's apartment, watch the lamp. In some shots, the entire ring around the shade is smoking, but in others, there is only one tendril. (01:21:15)


Plot hole: When Nick confronts the P.I. and yells "Why are you following me?", he looks inside the car and see the file with his picture on the front seat. The P.I. notices this and turns the file over. After Nick grabs his gun, the P.I. jumps out on the other side, raises his hands in the air and tells him somone hired him and runs off. As the P.I. runs off, Nick yells "Who hired you?" as he stands alone next to the car. He then waits a minute and walks off. If he really wanted to know more information, he could have taken the file that was right in front of him on the carseat. It makes no sense that he is desperate for information about the strange events that are going on, sees this file on him, and yet doesn't even pick it up or look at it. (00:59:55)

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Conrad: They just fuck you and they fuck you and they fuck you, and then just when you think it's all over, that's when the real fucking starts.

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Trivia: The final party scene was filmed over a three night period at the real Palace Hotel. To save money, the same food was used all three nights, which stank up the place for days.

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