A Fish Called Wanda

Continuity mistake: When they are sitting around the table planning the robbery, as George says "This is the big one", his hands change position between the shots. (00:05:05)


Continuity mistake: The scene after Ken has run over the second dog Wanda is yelling at Ken. As she says "You come loping in like Rambo and dangle him out a fifth-floor window," they stop in the shade. When it cuts the sun is shining on them. (01:02:00)


Continuity mistake: When Wanda arrives at Archie's office, there are piles of papers/books on the mantel beside the door, stacks of papers/books, a lamp and draperies behind Archie. During Wanda's visit, things behind Archie change, disappear, then reappear, the lamp changes the direction it points, the draperies change, and part of the piles on the mantel change entirely.

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Continuity mistake: When Otto forces Archie into the oil barrel, you see in the distance Ken driving the steam roller. In the next camera angle, you see a closeup of Ken running over a wheelbarrel which is next to a cargo unit. The problem is that the wheelbarrel was nowhere to be seen in the previous scene and neither was the cargo unit. (01:40:40)


Continuity mistake: When Otto is leading Archie on the planks to put him in the barrel, you see Otto stepping off the plank onto the wet cement. The camera angle changes and Otto now has both feet on the plank. (01:40:19)


Continuity mistake: When Otto has eaten all the fish and Ken realize Otto wants to eat the fish Wanda, Otto is turning around against Ken. When it cuts Otto is still facing the fish tank. (01:21:40)


Continuity mistake: When Ken gets the Doberman to attack the witness, the Doberman jumps out of the back of the van with the witness' undergarment on his back which falls on the ground. The camera angle changes and the undergarment is not on the street anymore. (00:53:18)


Continuity mistake: When Wanda goes to meet Archie at the flat, she takes a few steps back from the doorway when Archie opens the door. The camera angle changes and she is now in the doorway. (00:57:04)


Continuity mistake: When Otto is putting the french fries (chips) in Ken's nose, he puts the second one in his nose and then you see him chewing. The problem is that he didn't have anything in his mouth because he was asking Ken questions right before he put the second one in his nose. (01:22:56)


Continuity mistake: When George notices the glass fragments on his pants, they are on his right pant leg but it was his left leg that went through the glass pane at the diamond exchange. (00:13:11)


Continuity mistake: After Ken reverses the steamroller after running Otto over with it, you can see a red patch signifying his splattered body in front of the roller. However, a few scenes later, Otto is seen alive. (Otto was originally meant to die, until test audience feedback influenced a change of mind on the part of the filmmakers.)


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Question: Why was the American Special Edition recalled?

Answer: The Deluxe Edition that was supposed to come out on 8/1 has been delayed to 10/10 due to MGM changing their distributer.


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