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Corrected entry: In order to tell Archie where the loot is hidden, Ken imitates a flying jet, and Archie immediately states "Heathrow". That may be okay for people who don't know London, but Archie is born and bred - he would have to know that Ken could be alluding to any one of the two major or two large regional airports which serve London - Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted or Luton (London City wasn't open in those days). He's a lawyer - he wouldn't jump to conclusions like that. (Why didn't he ask Ken to write the address down?!?).

Correction: Given that Heathrow is the most popular airport, Archie took a guess...which Ken didn't correct...that it had to be that one. Also Ken was driving the motorcycle they were on. He would have taken him to the right airport anyway.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: It's a beautifully staged bit of physical comedy but Otto pulls out his gun, flips it through the air past the airport metal detector and catches it on the other side ... in full view of dozens of customs and immigration officers and civilians in the queue behind him. Even back then the area would have been festooned with CCTV cameras. What, not one person saw someone carrying a large, powerful handgun through airport security?

Correction: First off, the statement is extremely exaggerated. All we see is a handful of passengers and one older lady monitoring the X-Ray. There are no dozens of officers in view. And, those who we do see would have had their view obstructed by the metal detector as he quickly tosses the gun (which is not really large and powerful) at waist level to his right. And being that they went to the last screening station on the far right, there wasn't anyone to his immediate right who would have seen this.


Corrected entry: When Wanda goes to Archie's office, Archie is told that he has a meeting at 12:15 with Sir John. When he gets the call from his assistant telling him that it's time for his meeting, his watch says 10:15. (00:33:16)


Correction: He is told the meeting is at 12:30 and his watch shows 12:25.


Continuity mistake: After Ken reverses the steamroller after running Otto over with it, you can see a red patch signifying his splattered body in front of the roller. However, a few scenes later, Otto is seen alive. (Otto was originally meant to die, until test audience feedback influenced a change of mind on the part of the filmmakers.)

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Otto: I'm, uh, Harvey. Manfred... Jen... Sen... Den.

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Trivia: The actress who played Archie's daughter Portia is also John Cleese's real-life daughter.

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Question: If Otto can't get his feet out of the wet cement, how on earth does he manage to extract his entire body?

Answer: It was comic license...how did he survive being run over with a five ton piece of heavy machinery or falling off an airplane? Don't read too much into it.

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