A Fish Called Wanda

Visible crew/equipment: When George enters Ken's apartment the first time and Wanda approaches him, if you look in the mirror you should be able to see a crouching crew member wearing a blue shirt.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Jamie Lee Curtis is leaving John Cleese's office, she kisses him goodbye and calls him Uncle. After she has left, you can clearly see the cameraman move into view of the mirror.


Visible crew/equipment: After Ken kills the last dog and the witness has a heart attack, he walks out of the house he was in and in the reflection of the black door you can see a crew member and a camera.



Visible crew/equipment: When Otto is leaving the apartment and says goodbye to Wanda, you can see a boom mic in the mirror behind him.



Visible crew/equipment: After Ken tells Wanda that Otto tried to kiss him, right before it cuts, you can see the shadow of the boom mike reflected in the mirror right above Ken's ear.


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Visible crew/equipment: After Otto tells Ken his stutter doesn't bother him, he says "So, George needs a weapons man?" while Ken reaches into the fish tank. Look to the side of Ken's head, you should briefly see the shadow of the boom mic moving.


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Visible crew/equipment: After the robbery when everyone, except Ken, drives away in the car you can see the entire crew reflected in the car's back window.


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Visible crew/equipment: Outside court when Archie is talking to a man, Wanda is standing behind them wearing a fake wig. When the man leaves, if you look in the window behind them to the right, you should be able to see the boom mike operator wearing a red shirt.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Wendy arrives home, before finding Archie unconscious on the floor, as she gets out of the car, the crew is reflected in the side mirror of the car.


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Otto: Asshole.



After Ken reverses the steamroller after running Otto over with it, you can see a red patch signifying his splattered body in front of the roller. However, a few scenes later, Otto is seen alive. (Otto was originally meant to die, until test audience feedback influenced a change of mind on the part of the filmmakers.)



John Cleese's character name, Archie Leach, was Cary Grant's real name (Archibald Leach). John named his character himself as a tribute because they were born in towns near to each other.