The Phantom of the Opera

Factual error: In the film, most of the characters don't wear nearly enough stage makeup. In "Think of Me", when Christine is performing in front of a packed auditorium, for example, she would have needed a lot of blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc. just to look "normal" from the audience's perspective. Instead, as you can see by watching the film, she looks pale and washed out.

The Phantom of the Opera mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the end when Meg steps out of the water, her pants are wet. However, when she enters the bedroom and finds the Phantom's mask, her pants are perfectly dry.

The Phantom of the Opera mistake picture

Revealing mistake: During the second kiss, you can see behind Gerard Butler's neck (going from under his hair down to his back) the wire of the apparatus used to keep his lower right eyelid pulled down.


Revealing mistake: As the grating descends on Raoul, in two shots, large bubbles are flowing downwards. It's obvious, the film was reversed.

Visible crew/equipment: During The Music of the Night, you can see a camera shadow pass over the Phantom's and Christine's face. It's around the part where he says, 'Let your fantasies unwind'.

Audio problem: During the end of "Prima Donna" when everyone sings "Light up the stage." you can see some actors and actresses singing the word "light" but you don't actually hear it until a few seconds later.

Continuity mistake: When Christine approaches her family mausoleum, behind her you can see an above-ground tomb that has chains around the top cover. There is something on top of the cover that looks like a bouquet of flowers covered in snow, and there is not a lot of snow on the tomb. Later, when Raoul and the Phantom are fighting and the Phantom slashes Raoul's arm. Raoul falls backward onto this same tomb, and when we see him from above, rising, the chains on his side are missing, and there is suddenly lots more snow all over the tomb. The bouqet (or whatever it is) is missing. However, in the next shot that shows the same tomb, now there is much less snow, the bouquet is back, and one-half of the side chains have reappeared. You can see the continuity by the tree at the head of the tomb, and the triangular wreath laid at the head of the tomb.

Visible crew/equipment: When Raoul jumps down the hole into the mirror room, you see he is alone. Between when he jumps down, and the appearance of the phantom's reflection, if you slow down the movie you see a man in a gray shirt in the mirrors behind Raoul. He appears in at least three mirrors. Slow-mo is not essential but does help.


Visible crew/equipment: When Christine and Raoul are riding the horse out of the graveyard, it is obvious that Emmy Rossum has been replaced by a stunt double.

Audio problem: Right after Joseph Buquet is killed, Raoul runs and finds Christine. When she says, "Raoul, we're not safe here.", her lips do not move; her mouth is merely agape.

Continuity mistake: After being abducted during the Don Juan performance, Christine changes into the wedding gown and the Phantom places the veil on her head. The veil gets thrown aside by the time Raoul arrives. Between the time Christine leaves and the mob arrives, there is a shot of the mannequin with the veil perfectly positioned on the head (although it is highly unlikely that someone took time to put it back.) When Meg walks through the lair and retrieves the mask, yet another shot of the dummy shows that the veil has disappeared.

The Phantom of the Opera mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: As Raoul's car is leaving the Opera House, a crewmember is reflected in its windshield.


Continuity mistake: When Christine is in the Phantom's lair for the second time, after the Phantom puts the veil on her head, the camera has a close up of him (during the lines 'an eternity of this before your eyes') and the back of Chirstine's head can be seen not wearing the veil. When the camera pans back to her, she is wearing the veil and removes it a little later.

Continuity mistake: When Christine enters Carlottas dressing room after Hannibal, there are two stands of roses by the door. After she's changed there is only a small vase of roses, but the stands must have been way too heavy for her to move herself.

The Phantom of the Opera mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: As Christine approaches the Phantom in his lair (just after he has abducted her), we see that she is wearing very dark black eye-shadow. Back in the dressing room after coming off stage, as she talks to Raoul, we saw her face in close up and she was not wearing any eye-shadow at all, even though the Phantom leads her through the mirror just after she has managed to slip on a robe over her undergarments and she has not yet changed to go out to supper (Raoul says she is to be ready in 2 minutes). Her hair becomes 'bigger' and wilder, too. The change in her appearance is a reference to her descending (voluntarily, I might add - he didn't drag her through that mirror) into the Phantom's dark existence and to her sexual awakening.

Continuity mistake: As Carlotta is saying "I hope he is as excited by the dancing girls as your new managers", she holds her hand up with one finger in the air, but in the next shot, her hand is near her waist with no fingers protruding.


Continuity mistake: During the scene where Meg is looking for Christine backstage, we see her pass Firmin and Andre. Behind her Raoul approaches the managers and they turn to greet him. In the next shot they are turned round flirting with the chorus girls, Raoul is nowhere to be seen, and Meg passes behind them again.

Continuity mistake: When the Phantom first brings Christine to his lair, just as he walks up the steps note the four piece candelabra in the background, it has candles much smaller than they appear later in the scene.


Continuity mistake: In the last part of the movie, when Raoul is all tied up, the Phantom pulls the rope around his neck, and mucous comes out of Raoul's nose. The camera turns, and then goes back to him, and the mucous is gone.

Continuity mistake: After "Think of Me", Meg is pushing through the crowd backstage, searching for Christine and she finally makes her way out of the crowd. Their actions repeat in a shot from a different angle. The next shot is a close up of Andre sharing a cigar with a woman and in the background, you can see Meg pushing through the crowd again, even though she already passed Andre.