The Phantom of the Opera
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Continuity mistake: At the end when Meg steps out of the water, her pants are wet. However, when she enters the bedroom and finds the Phantom's mask, her pants are perfectly dry. (02:10:35)

Revealing mistake: As the grating descends on Raoul, in two shots, large bubbles are flowing downwards. It's obvious, the film was reversed. (01:59:15)

The Phantom of the Opera mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: As Christine approaches the Phantom in his lair (just after he has abducted her), we see that she is wearing very dark black eye-shadow. Back in the dressing room after coming off stage, as she talks to Raoul, we saw her face in close up and she was not wearing any eye-shadow at all, even though the Phantom leads her through the mirror just after she has managed to slip on a robe over her undergarments and she has not yet changed to go out to supper (Raoul says she is to be ready in 2 minutes). Her hair becomes 'bigger' and wilder, too. The change in her appearance is a reference to her descending (voluntarily, I might add - he didn't drag her through that mirror) into the Phantom's dark existence and to her sexual awakening. (00:28:45 - 00:37:10)

The Phantom of the Opera mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As Christine and Raoul race up the stairs of the Opera House, her hair is loose. By the time they come out onto the rooftop, it's partially pulled back in an elaborate fashion. She's never off screen long enough to have done that. (01:05:35 - 01:07:05)

The Phantom of the Opera mistake picture

Revealing mistake: During the second kiss, you can see behind Gerard Butler's neck (going from under his hair down to his back) the wire of the apparatus used to keep his lower right eyelid pulled down. (02:06:05)


The Phantom of the Opera mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Christine takes off the Phantom's mask during Don Juan, the appearance of his face suddenly gets drastically CG enhanced. (This occurs AFTER Christine has already removed the mask, as the two screenshots show.) (01:55:10)


Visible crew/equipment: During The Music of the Night, you can see a camera shadow pass over the Phantom's and Christine's face. It's around the part where he says, 'Let your fantasies unwind'. (00:38:00)

Continuity mistake: After being abducted during the Don Juan performance, Christine changes into the wedding gown and the Phantom places the veil on her head. The veil gets thrown aside by the time Raoul arrives. Between the time Christine leaves and the mob arrives, there is a shot of the mannequin with the veil perfectly positioned on the head (although it is highly unlikely that someone took time to put it back.) When Meg walks through the lair and retrieves the mask, yet another shot of the dummy shows that the veil has disappeared. (02:00:50 - 02:09:55)

Audio problem: Right after Joseph Buquet is killed, Raoul runs and finds Christine. When she says, "Raoul, we're not safe here", her lips do not move; her mouth is merely agape. (01:05:35)

The Phantom of the Opera mistake picture

Character mistake: When Buquet hangs over the scene, you can see Meg screaming along with three other dancers. Four shots later, Meg is still screaming, but the two girls who were to her right (on the left of the screen) are still dancing, as if they haven't seen Buquet yet. (01:05:10)


Other mistake: During the gypsy fair, when the young Phantom is hurriedly pulling the bag back over his head, you can see the actor's face from the side, through the bars of the cage. There is no deformity, even though the angle of the shot shows the top right of his face, where the mask is always worn later. Even moreso: his deformity is bumpy, and the side of his face is all baby smooth.

Factual error: Raoul is the Vicomte de Chagny and he gets called that throughout the movie, even during the auction (which shows he didn't change titles when his parents or his brother died, for example). Yet Christine's tombstone calls her a countess when it should have read viscountess - or, even better, vicomtesse.


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Suggested correction: When you watch "love never dies" he leaves her because the phantom won the bet, it's implied they got a "divorce" so she is still a countess.

But, in love never dies, it shows Christine dying in the year 1910, (when the whole thing was set) but on her tombstone, it shows that she died in 1913. Since Gustave is ten years old, this would make Christine in her late forties-early fifties when she had him, which is practically impossible. This is why I love LND's music, but the story is just too cheesy and inconsistent to the original for me. Since the original creator of the musical, Andrew Lloyd Webber, has chosen to call it a "stand-alone piece." and not a sequel, I would not use it as a reference for future endeavors with the trio.

Vicomtesse and Comtesse are two completely different titles. For Christine to become a Comtesse, Raoul would have had to become a Comte, but he didn't. He remained a Vicomte, therefore, Christine's tombstone should have read Vicomtesse de Chagny. It doesn't, so this mistake is valid.

Continuity mistake: After Think of Me, when Christine is in the chapel, it shows her light a match on a candle, then use the lit match to light the candle next to it. In the following shot, the camera shows all of the candles on that stand-only one is lit. (00:22:25)

Continuity mistake: At the end of the music of the night scene, the Phantom lays Christine down on the bed and sings the line, "help me make the music of the night." While singing this, he moves his finger down Christine's jaw line, and his finger comes off her chin. Yet when the camera angle changes, he is just starting to move his finger down her jaw, starting up near the ear. He wouldn't have had time to move his finger back up that quickly.

The Phantom of the Opera mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the Masquerade, there is a close-up of two of the dancers, who sing "But who can name the face?" while standing next to each other, without moving. Next shot, they are several feet apart and the lady is dancing towards where the male dancer is standing. (01:18:50)


The Phantom of the Opera mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Raoul is tied to the gate, the ropes across his chest change frequently. Sometimes there are 3 running parallel to each other, from his shoulder to the waist. Other times there is a big knot in the top rope. Still others there appear to be 2 ropes across with a third running straight down his chest between them. (02:02:50)


Continuity mistake: During the scene where Meg is looking for Christine backstage, we see her pass Firmin and Andre. Behind her Raoul approaches the managers and they turn to greet him. In the next shot they are turned round flirting with the chorus girls, Raoul is nowhere to be seen, and Meg passes behind them again. (00:22:00)

Continuity mistake: When Christine goes back to La Carlotta's dressing room the flowers by "The mirror" are pink, but when the Phantom shows up and she walks toward the mirrors the flowers are white.

The Phantom: Softly, deftly, music shall carress you. Hear it, feel it, Secretly possess you.

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Trivia: Christine's attire during her performance of 'Think of Me' for Hannibal is copied from the most famous painting of Emperess Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sissi.


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Question: What does the Phantom eat and what does he spend his salary on? Presumably he can't just go to the shops etc with his mask on. If he doesn't leave the opera house where does he learn his skills like driving a carriage, who does he practice sword fighting with? Wouldn't his health suffer if he spends decades living in this damp cold rat infested place wading through lakes all the time? He even complains about it being cold himself at one point. Surely if it snowing outside his lair can't be warm but he's not wearing much.

Answer: First, it is established in the movie that he is dependant on Madame Giry and it is presumed she does his shopping for him. As for learning skills, it is established he is a genius and one can assume he is very well read. Additionally, for single handed skills, like driving a carriage, he can possibly go out at night to learn them. As for his living conditions, the human body adapts well to continuous conditions, it is how the people in Siberia can tolerate lower temperatures better than those who live close to the equator. Lastly, one can easily assume he has other (warmer) clothes that he wears off camera.


There is a character simply known as 'the Persian' He has known the Phantom his whole life and would have taught him horse driving. In the book, the Phantom has a life before the opera house where he would have learned fencing and torture. Also, the phantom knows all the secret passages. When it's cold he leaves his lair and lives someplace warmer.

You're totally right but also, in addition to your mention of The Persian, in the book it is he that is the Phantom's only "friend" or whatever but in the movie there is no Persian exactly but the two Characters Madam Giry and The Persian from The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston L. Are both combined as one, to be know as Madame Giry in the 2004 flim.

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