Fatal Attraction

Visible crew/equipment: The boom mic is visible in the top corner of the Volvo's windshield, when Michael Douglas waves goodbye to his daughter on the street at the beginning.


Visible crew/equipment: When Michael Douglas goes to the police for the first time, after he gets the tape, when he is talking to the policeman watch for the reflection of the boom mike to the right of the cop's head in the trophy plate. It's beautiful and in every shot. (01:22:40)


Visible crew/equipment: While Michael Douglas is listening to the tape in the attic there is a reflection in the window of someone who looks to have long blonde hair, just above and slightly to the right of the lamp. (01:20:40)


Visible crew/equipment: In the library, right after Dan breaks into Alex's apartment, a cameraman's reflection is visible in a window as a librarian pushes a cart past it.

Visible crew/equipment: In the beginning of the movie as Michael Douglas runs to answer the phone someone has knocked the overhead lamp in his kitchen and set it swinging. (00:03:05)


Visible crew/equipment: The shadow of a crew member goes across Michael Douglas' shirt as he's sitting on the couch reading in the beginning of the movie. (00:02:25)


Visible crew/equipment: A shadow moves to the left of the refrigerator when Glenn Close says "I'm pregnant I'm gonna have our child." Michael Douglas doesn't move out of his position yet. (01:08:30)


Visible crew/equipment: When Dan reluctantly tells his secretary that he will accept Alex's phone call, if you look in the top left hand corner of the screen, you can see a boom microphone make a quick appearance.

Visible crew/equipment: When Michael Douglas leaves the car rental there is a guy across the street behind a bus conspicuously watching everything. (01:15:45)


Visible crew/equipment: When the family leaves their apartment building you can see the reflection of a boom mike in the right door. (00:09:40)


Visible crew/equipment: This is very tough to spot, but as Michael Douglas is in his kitchen talking to Anne Archer, if you look very closely above his head you'll see a quick tiny white reflection of a piece of equipment in the glass cabinet. (00:24:30)


Visible crew/equipment: This is much easer to see on the VHS version. As Michael Douglas goes through the revolving door at his office, as it stops, you see the reflection of a crew member standing there. (00:18:35)


Visible crew/equipment: You see the reflection of the cameraman right in the center of the tea pot as Michael Douglas makes Anne Archer some tea before her bath. (01:49:20)


Other mistake: After Dan visits his wife in the hospital, he goes to Alex's apartment. In the scene where he's chasing Alex and crashes into the glass door, shattering it, look closely at his face and you'll see it's not Michael Douglas but a stunt double. A few seconds later when they are struggling in the kitchen, look again and you'll see the same stunt double.

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Alex Forrest: You're here with a strange girl being a naughty boy.
Dan Gallagher: I don't think having dinner with anybody's a crime.

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Trivia: In the cocktail party scene, there is a quick shot of the large crowd attending the party. Look closely at the dark-haired man near the front of the party goers - it's James Eckhouse, who played Mr. Walsh on "Beverly Hills 90210" He also had a similar, uncredited role as an 'extra' in the first bar scene in the movie "Cocktail."

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Question: Why does Alex abduct Ellen and take her to a carnival?


Answer: So her parents (especially her father) would go through hell, not knowing where she was or if she was safe.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Because she's unhinged! And she wants Dan to know that she can get to him, or in this case his daughter, anytime she wants. And she's angry that Dan had an affair with her then went back to his wife.

Alan Keddie
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