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Corrected entry: As Ann Archer is walking in the kitchen before the famous revealing of the bunny in the pot, look closely behind her and in the window you can see something moving slowly outside that looks like a crane.

Erika Medina

Correction: It is a garbage truck.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the film when the wife is running a bath, Michael Douglas is down stairs making tea. As he walks in and out of the living room, in the background there is a curtain that is drawn open but there is no window.

Correction: There is no window with the curtains drawn that is not there. In one scene you can see the light of another window and curtain reflecting on the wall, but that is only a reflection, not a real window.

Cynthia Gurski

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the ridiculously scripted final climactic scene, Dan is downstairs in view of the front door, which is closed, while his wife is upstairs in the bathroom. As the wife is looking in the bathroom mirror, we see Alex suddenly come into view and begin to slowly approach her from behind. Assuming she entered the house the regular way, how did Alex get into the house and up the stairs without being noticed by Dan? The only other way would have been to somehow climb up the back of the house and break a second-floor bedroom window in order to enter; however, the wife would have heard this from the upstairs bathroom. Either way, Alex could never have made it to the upstairs bathroom undetected.

Correction: Alex could have been hiding in the house prior to Dan locking the door, his wife going upstairs or them even coming home. In fact, during the conversation with the police detective, he says that Alex is missing. Which suggest she could have been missing up to 24 hours, plenty time to break into their house and wait.

Corrected entry: Glenn Close's character is called Alex Forrest in the credits but when Douglas is looking through the newspaper and sees her father's obituary, his name is spelled Forest.

Correction: Newspapers misprint people's names all the time.

William Bergquist

Corrected entry: The shots of the exterior of Michael Douglas's Long Island home and the shots of the interior are from two different houses. This is most obvious because the front door has two windows on the top of it in the exterior shots and the interior shots show a door with one window. Also, when moving a couch into the house, the workers are shown coming into the house from left side of the porch, which is impossible because the exterior shots reveal a wall on the left side.

Correction: The exterior door with two windows is a side door. The interior door with the stained glass and off the open porch, is the front door, which they seem to use throughout the movie.


Corrected entry: During the scene where Ann Archer is driving around looking for her daughter she passes a house with a Santa and reindeer in it's yard. This seems out of place as it does not appear to be Christmas time, unless it is someone who leaves their decorations up all year. (01:36:00)


Correction: Exactly. Sometimes people do that, or they may have put up their decorations early. Not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: When Glenn Close calls Dan in the middle of the night he even says.."it's 2:00 in the morning", when it pans to Glenn Close talking to him, her apartment is lit up with sunlight and you can see the sun rays through the window.

Correction: Her apartment is lit up because she has her lights on. What's coming in through the window could be from a street lamp.

Corrected entry: Alex calls Dan at 2am. But when we see Alex on the phone, it's daylight outside.

Correction: It's not daylight. That's the bright lights from the meat packing warehouse she lives near.

Continuity mistake: One scene has Glenn Close in bed shot from profile, and the sheet in down exposing her breasts. The film cuts to a frontal shot and the sheet is up around her neck. When it cuts back to profile, the sheet is down again.

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Alex Forrest: You're here with a strange girl being a naughty boy.
Dan Gallagher: I don't think having dinner with anybody's a crime.

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Trivia: The opera that Glenn Close buys the tickets for is Madame Butterfly. That is the song she is listening to when we see the first signs that she is losing it. Note: At the end of Madame Butterfly the heroine kills herself over a lover. In the director's cut of Fatal Attraction Glenn Close cuts her throat in the bathroom of Michael Douglas' house thereby killing herself over a lover.

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Answer: So her parents (especially her father) would go through hell, not knowing where she was or if she was safe.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Because she's unhinged! And she wants Dan to know that she can get to him, or in this case his daughter, anytime she wants. And she's angry that Dan had an affair with her then went back to his wife.

Alan Keddie

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