Other mistake: Danny Glover's wall has hundreds of newspaper clippings attached to it. At one point in the film, we are shown some of the headlines, i.e."Psychopath teaches sick life lessons." If you actually read the text below you'll find that it bears no relevance to the headlines whatsoever. (You may need to use the zoom facility). Two of them are about a fourteen year old boy who died in an explosion, due to "Goofy Clay", and if you pause and read the wording, they have exactly the same text.

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Suggested correction: The use of slow motion or pause renders a mistake invalid.

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Other mistake: When Larry is taking the cigarettes out of the box, look at his hand. It has a white paint drop or white dust on it, but throughout the scene it disappears and reappears.

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Other mistake: When you see the shot of the camera watching Adam and Dr Gordon, you can see a plank sticking out directly in front of the camera. A little later, when you see the camera's view, which has some incredibly wide views, you can't see the plank, which would definitely have to be visible to see both of the people in the bathroom.

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Jigsaw: Congratulations. You are still alive. Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you. Not anymore.



After Dr. Lawrence cuts off his leg and is crawling towards the gun, if you look at his dismembered leg, you can make out the shape of his foot hidden beneath his ripped up slacks.



On the DVD these interesting facts were told by the directors and writers: the character Adam is actually the co-writer of Saw. The Saw was only shot in 18 days and under 1,000,000 dollars, and it all took place in 2 warehouses and the writers/directors came up with the idea by wanting to make a movie that revolves around a single room and the people trapped inside.