Saw (2004)

Ending / spoiler

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The clock comes up to 6.00. Dr.Gordon's wife manages to free herself and her daughter and Detective Tapp comes to their rescue. The wife and child run to the neighbours. Tapp ends up chasing Zep. Meanwhile, Dr.Gordon saws his foot off, crawls to the body and uses the gun to shoot Adam. Tapp chases Zep to a sort of sewer, they fight and Zep kills Tapp. Zep then walks into the bathroom, makes his way round the room, (whilst kicking Dr.G off)and kicks Adam's side to check if he's dead... Zep then raises a gun to Dr.G saying that he's 'too late. It's the rules'. Just before he shoots, Adam (actually not dead)grabs Zep's foot, pulls him down, drags him closer and fights the gun from his hand. Adam then grabs the toliet tank lid and bashes Zep to death. Dr.G crawls to Adam, trying to stop him and tells him that he has to leave Adam or he(Dr.G)'ll bleed to death. Dr.G crawls away leaving Adam.Adam searches Zep's pockets for a key to the chain but instead finds a tape recorder revealing that Zep isn't Jigsaw but another victim- Zep had been injected too with the slow acting poison and to get the antidote, had to kill Dr.G and his family-. The 'dead' body gets up off the floor and peels a prosthetic scar from his head. He then tells Adam that the key to his chain is in the bathtub (but a flashback shows us it went down the drain when the tub emptied). Adam, angry at Jigsaw for his ordeal, grabs the gun and goes to shoot him but Jigsaw uses a remote to shock Adam again, making him drop the gun. Jigsaw walks away, turns the light off and shuts the door telling Adam 'GAME OVER', leaving Adam screaming and crying in darkness.

ross keen

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