Evil Dead II

Revealing mistake: When the eye is flying toward Bobby Jo, you can see the rig holding the eye as it flies and the wire when it enters her mouth. (00:41:45)

Revealing mistake: During the scene when the evil Henrietta flies up from the basement to attack the girl, while she is in the air you can see the wire holding her up, a split in the butt of the latex costume and as she turns to see Ash, sweat pours out her ear. (01:11:20)

Revealing mistake: During the scene in the tool shed in which Ash mounts the chainsaw to his arm, you can see duct tape holding the chain bar on the chainsaw; this wouldn't exist if he'd just mounted a chainsaw onto his arm.

Revealing mistake: During Ash's fistfight with Henrietta near the end, the blade of the chainsaw can be seen flopping like rubber. (01:12:10)


Revealing mistake: Evil Ash has no hand (just a stump) however when he grabs Annie and throws her into the wall, he has his right hand back. (01:01:10)


Revealing mistake: After Ash is punched unconcious by Jake, as Annie shakes him, screaming at him, he grabs her arm, although he's out cold. (00:36:25)


Revealing mistake: Ash faces the oval, wall-mounted mirror and tries to reassure himself that he's fine, until his mirror-image lunges out and tries to strangle him. Throughout this scene, the background set and lighting "reflected" in the mirror changes very noticeably between the real mirror and the hole-in-the-wall practical effect. Additionally, the Ash that lunges through the mirror is NOT a "mirror-image" of the other Ash, as the blood patterns on their faces are distinctly different, which is obvious in the face-to-face profile shot. For that matter, the blood patterns on Ash's face are inconsistent all throughout the film, frequently from one shot to the next.

Charles Austin Miller

Revealing mistake: When Evil Ed tears off some of Bobby Jo's hair and eats it, the head is made out of latex (Watch for how easily everything bends on his face, even the jawbone bends at one point).

Revealing mistake: When Ash stomps the trapdoor onto Henrietta's head and her eye flies out, the closeup reveals that the "eye" is something like a styrofoam ball with the veins painted on.

Revealing mistake: As Ash is duct-taping his sleeve shut after he cuts off his hand, you can see the impression of his largest knuckles and first two fingers under the cloth. (00:31:45)


Continuity mistake: No matter how many times Ash has blood poured on him or landed in mud, he will always have a clean face with his freshly made scars, scenes after he has been blood bathed or mud wrestled. (00:34:05)

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Ash: There's something out there. That... That witch in the cellar is only part of it. It lives... Out in those woods, in the dark... Something... Something that's come back from the dead.

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Trivia: When Ash is possessed of the evil presence and beats up the girl, he throws her on the couch and chuckles evilly (or hornily, same dif). He is stopped from committing further molestation by the sight of that ugly piece of jewelry that he gave to Linda earlier. When the necklace gets a closeup, the chain forms the outline of a skull.

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Question: Why does anybody (including Sam Raimi) claim that Evil Dead 2 is a sequel with flashbacks to the first film? As a sequel, there is virtually zero continuity to the first film. This was an obvious remake.

Charles Miller

Chosen answer: Evil Dead II starts out with a recap of The Evil Dead where Ash cuts off the head of his girlfriend Linda with a shovel and then is attacked by the entity, which is how the first film ended. While Linda is played by a different actress, it's still meant to be the same events as The Evil Dead. The cabin windows are still barricaded from the end of the first Evil Dead, and Ash's pant leg is still torn from Deadite Scott attacking Ash. Additionally, the end credits say: "Evil Dead II", the sequel to the ultimate experience in grueling horror, was filmed in Wadesboro, North Carolina and Detroit, U.S.A.


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