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Corrected entry: Notice after Ash has cut off his hand and placed it in the bucket, he places books on top of the bucket to hold it down. The top book is titled "A Farewell To Arms".

Correction: Since everyone watching the movie will see this, it is not really trivia.


Corrected entry: When Ash's hand is kicking his ass in the kitchen in front of the sink, you can see it's daylight outside the window. It's supposed to be night time. (00:28:30)

Correction: It is not daylight outside.There are, however, a number of very bright floodlights placed in the woods outside the cabin (these, or rather the lights from these, are shown throughout the movie). You can even see shadows of leaves falling on the window itself - these would not appear in daylight.

Corrected entry: Ash and his car enter the rift one minute apart, with many trees and bits of the cabin in between them. However, they manage to land in 1300 AD next to each other with none of the detritus. (01:17:20 - 01:18:35)


Correction: Who is to say what rules govern magical temporal tears in time/space?

Corrected entry: After the Henrietta demon entity drags the hillbilly into the cellar, blood explodes out of the trap door. However, the fluid looks nothing at all like blood; it is extremely thin and appears to be dyed water.


Correction: The fluid isn't supposed to be blood - another entry points out that the creators used different colored fluids to represent slime instead of blood in an attempt to get an R rating instead of NC-17. Incidentally, this effort failed.


Corrected entry: Ash leaves the chainsaw in the room with the rocking chair. Later he gets it in the kitchen to cut of his possessed hand.

Correction: Ash is standing in the hallway leading to the rocking chair when he tosses the chainsaw aside to pick up the shotgun. After his hand is possessed, he runs into the kitchen in the next room, back the way he came. The kitchen just happens to be a branch of the hallway that he was standing in when he tossed it, so it is correctly positioned later.


Corrected entry: When Ash sees that the bridge is out it's daylight, closing on sunset. When he is driving away, pursued by the "evil force", it's dark all of a sudden.

Correction: The "evil force" that the Necronomicon awakens has the ability to manipulate time, and make it go either faster or slower, as seen by the out-of-control clock in a later scene. It could easily accelerate dusk to the dead of night if it wanted to.

Corrected entry: During the scene where Annie is listening to the tape by her father, he says that "it's only been a couple of hours since he spoke the words" that make the dead come alive. He also says that the night previous, his wife tried to kill him, which she couldn't have done as he had only spoken the words a couple of hours ago, meaning that she was still human the night previous.

Correction: Time is relative. He could be saying "a couple of hours," as in it's been less than twelve hours. Or he meant that it's now morning, and when it was still dark his wife tried to kill him. Sort of confusing, but I don't think it's really a mistake, more a concept of time.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the girl's head is biting Ash's hand, there is a close up shot of where her mouth is. Ash chopped off his right hand before this; she is biting his left hand. In the close up, his thumb appears on the left side of her face, palm facing down; only possible with the right hand.

Correction: Ash has NOT cut off his hand before this scene. It is possible for it to be his right hand because he hasn't cut it off yet. He cuts it off later in the movie.

Continuity mistake: No matter how many times Ash has blood poured on him or landed in mud, he will always have a clean face with his freshly made scars, scenes after he has been blood bathed or mud wrestled. (00:34:05)

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Ash: There's something out there. That... That witch in the cellar is only part of it. It lives... Out in those woods, in the dark... Something... Something that's come back from the dead.

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Trivia: When Ash is possessed of the evil presence and beats up the girl, he throws her on the couch and chuckles evilly (or hornily, same dif). He is stopped from committing further molestation by the sight of that ugly piece of jewelry that he gave to Linda earlier. When the necklace gets a closeup, the chain forms the outline of a skull.

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Question: If this movie is a sequel to the first Evil Dead, how come it only shows Ash and Linda driving up to the cabin and not the other friends? Also, why does it show Ash playing the recording and not Scotty, like in the first film?

Answer: Sam Rami could not get the footage of Evil Dead to use in the sequel, so he remade the movie in a shortened form for the beginning. Since Linda was the only original character other than Ash to come back he included her in the recap but deleted the others as not to waste time. An in universe answer could be that trauma of losing his friends made Ash block them out and rewrite history in his head, except for Linda who comes back to haunt him in the movie so he is forced to deal with it.

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