Enter the Dragon

Other mistake: In the intense outdoor battle scene at the end, when Bruce kicks a guy in the face three times in a row, one of the extras in the background cracks up laughing.

Other mistake: In the briefing scene just after the main credits, Braithwaite is showing Lee a film of Han and his allies. What we are seeing is footage spliced into the film, as the shadows of the 16 millimetre projector's reels on Bruce Lee's face and the wall shows empty reels with no film in them at all.

Other mistake: When you watch the movie with Spanish subtitles, when Williams sees Lee on a tree or something he says, "Ah, a human fly". Yet the subtitles say, "La araƱa humana", which translates to "A human spider".

Other mistake: When Williams is fighting Parsons, watch for a shot when Williams backs up against the camera - he actually bumps into it and it narrows the picture somewhat. This is most noticeable in the widescreen version.

Other mistake: When Williams fights Han's guards in the office, at one point he kicks a guard back towards a window, the guard stumbles and then for no reason just dives backwards out the window. A bit over dramatic.

Jack Vaughan

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