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Corrected entry: When Han is fighting Williams, he knocks over a bird-cage. A few seconds later, it shows us a first-person view looking through Williams' eyes, trying to punch Han. The fist and the arm that comes on the screen to try and hit Han are white, despite the fact that Williams is black.

Correction: Williams is black, but not charcoal black. He has a little white tone in his skin, which, combined with the lightning of the room, gives you the impression of a white hand, when it's actually his hand.

Corrected entry: Lee, eager to teach Parsons a lesson, suggests they use a small boat to go to an island to demostrate his "art of fighting without fighting." First of all, for Parsons to even accept this is just about absurd on his part. The little boat doesn't have any oars nor does it have an outboard motor. It couldn't have gotten to that island in the first place! But despite all of this, Parson gets into the boat. As Lee lets the boat out away from the main craft, it begins to fill with water and the sides fall apart (still think the boat could get to that island?) The main boat is still moving along straight ahead but the tiny boat actually turns it's side to face the main boat. If it was being pulled, it would still face forward from the tension on the rope. I suppose it's possible that once the crew saw what Lee was doing, they stopped the motor to watch but the engine sounds don't suggest this. They keep humming as if the boat is in motion. Hmm. Maybe this boat COULD reach the island after all. It seems to defy the laws of physics.

Correction: This all falls under a character mistake. Parsons is an idiot. Maybe he thought Lee was going to bring the oars with him. Maybe he was too excited about a chance to fight to even notice. None of this constitutes a movie mistake, just a dumb bully.

Corrected entry: Towards the start of the movie, flashbacks are used to show how each of the three stars ended up at Han's island. Williams, Played by Jim Kelly, gets into a scuffle with two police. Williams is carrying two bags, which he drops to deal with the two police. After he beats up the two cops, he jumps into their car and speeds away, lights flashing; and no bags! Now, back to Williams on a Chinese junk, heading to Han's island, with the two bags he left behind.

Correction: Completely incorrect. We see Williams beat up the police. He kicks the last one, who flies into some garbage cans and is attacked by a dog. The shot stays on the dog attacking the cop for several seconds. The scene then cuts to Williams driving away in the police car. We never see him get into the car, and there is more than enough time for him to grab his bags and throw them in the car.

Corrected entry: When Oharra breaks the two bottles off each other, only one breaks but in the next scene we see two bottle necks.

Correction: Those aren't two bottle necks: it's a neck and a bottom half of the bottle.

Corrected entry: The blonde lady that Roper is fond of shows up dead at the end of the film but the film doesn't give any indication of how she died. I can't for a second think that any of the men would have hit her let alone beat her to death! That just doesn't make any sense at all.

Correction: A movie does not have to explain every single detail or every motivation of the characters. Suffice to say that Han decided to have her killed, and it was done.


Corrected entry: When Bolo goes to punish the guards for not doing their job, he intends to kill every one of them. He steps on the first guy's neck and snaps it. He then pounds on the second guy and breaks his neck by pulling back on his head as he lies on the ground. He then turns to smack the third guy and forearms him upside the head. He does some sort of spin move and this guy falls to the ground. Either someone forgot to add in a sound effect of a breaking bone or the third guard is faking as he lies on the ground. Perhaps in this case, it would be a good idea.

Correction: Like the submitter him/herself says, the guard could be faking in an attempt to save his life. It would be a character mistake by Bolo to not make sure the guard was dead, but it is not unlikely that this could happen.


Corrected entry: Pick any scene in the film that shows large groups of men standing in rows punching back and forth. You can easily pick out at least two or three extras who are not in time with the others. There's even one that is standing there doing his own thing punching wildly like no tomorrow.

Correction: Clearly a character mistake. I have also personally seen this happen many times in real-life karate classes. Occasionally, someone disregard the count and start doing things in their own pace, because they get impatient. It is disrespectful, but it happens.


Corrected entry: There are several extras in the white GI's who give big wide smiles whenever Lee is fighting. I realize that Lee made himself to be quite an amazing hero to the many of the martial artist extras but it seems out of character for them to crack big smiles at a guy who is, at the end of the film, their boss's enemy!

Correction: At this time in the movie, Bruce Lee is not yet their boss's enemy, and the extras have knowing that he will become one. As a martial artist, I can say that an exhibit of fighting prowess, cool moves, or especially effective techniques will almost always have that effect on martial artists, their eyes will light up, and the one performing them has won their respect.

Corrected entry: In the fight scene between Lee and Oharra, Oharra is knocked to the ground with a single punch, and as he gets up, the audience behind him is applauding in slow motion. Several of them also sit down in slow motion.

Correction: This is artistic license. Slowing down the footage for dramatic effect is used in dozens of movies.

Corrected entry: Williams has supposedly made love to three of Han's prostitutes, but when he gets out of bed he's still wearing his underpants.

Correction: It's possible he put them on afterwards. One of the prostitutes was already out of the bed and brushing her hair and was dressed.


Corrected entry: Several of the men in the scene above do not have their fists clenched tightly as they punch. You can see the light shining through their fingers. No one trains like this.

Correction: When "training" or real fighting your not supposed to clench your fists tightly because it decreases speed and inhibits flexible movement... clench only at impact.

Other mistake: In the intense outdoor battle scene at the end, when Bruce kicks a guy in the face three times in a row, one of the extras in the background cracks up laughing.

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Han: The battle with the guards was magnificent. Your skill is extraordinary. And I was going to ask you to join us.

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Trivia: In the dungeon scene where Bruce Lee battles some of the guards in front of jail cells packed with prisoners, he snatches one of the guards by the hair and snaps his neck. The poor guard was a then 18 year old Jackie Chan. He was also one of Han's thugs in the light blue kung fu outfit chasing Bruce Lee's sister.

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Question: Did Bruce Lee manage to film all his scenes before he died?

Answer: Yes, he filmed all of his scenes before he died. He died on July 20, 1973 - only six days before the film debuted in Hong Kong, and only a month before the film's US debut.


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