Trivia: Vic Morrow, one of the leading actors in the movie, and two children, Renee Chen and My-ca Le, were killed during filming when one of the helicopter stunts went wrong. For more information:


Trivia: During the opening credits where the eye comes toward the viewer, if you look at the pupil, you will see a picture of Rod Serling.

Larry Koehn

Trivia: In the opening, the two guys are discussing TV shows including Twilight Zone. They specifically mention the episode with Burgess Meredith when his glasses broke. Meredith was also the narrator during the movie.

William Bergquist

Trivia: Bill Mumy, who played Anthony in the original Twilight Zone episode, was the guy in the diner that complains about Anthony disrupting the television.

William Bergquist

Trivia: In the story of Helen Foley, there are a few tidbits. One, she is told she missed the turn at Cliffordville, and says she's going to Willoughby. These were both towns in the original Twilight Zone series episodes "Of Late, I Think of Cliffordville", and "Last Stop, Willoughby." Also, the man Helen talks to was played by Dick Miller, who was Murray Futterman in The Gremlins.

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