The Passion of the Christ

Factual error: According to the Gospel of Luke (23:28) The sign nailed on top of the cross identifying Jesus as the "king of the Jews" was written in three languages: Greek, Latin and Hebrew. This is confirmed by the Gospel of John (19:20). In the movie the Greek and Hebrew are eliminated from the sign thus giving to the Latin an importance that it did not have for most of the people. This is fixed in the Definitive DVD release.
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Suggested correction: This movie is an adaptation of the story. It is not intended to be 100% factual to the Biblical narrative. All adaptations of Bible stories have adaptational changes in them, and this is one such change. An adaptational change is not an error. Rather, it is a creative choice.

Factual error: Two-humped (Bactrian) camels are not native to Judea. They're found in the Gobi desert and didn't get to the Eastern Mediterranean until the Turkish migrations westward.

Continuity mistake: When Jesus tells Peter to stop fighting against the temple guards when in the garden, you can see the background behind him: a small tree by a large one. The shot cuts to Peter and then back to Jesus telling him to again stop. The background is now reversed.

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Jesus: Forgive them, Father. They know not what they do.

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Trivia: Satan is actually played by a woman - the Italian actress Rosalinda Celentano.

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