The Passion of the Christ

Revealing mistake: Just before the Roman soldiers pressed Simon of Cyrene to help Jesus carry the cross, Jesus has fallen and we see that the bruised and swollen-shut eye is now his left. The shot changes and when it comes back to Jesus his right eye is swollen shut again. The film must have been flipped.

Revealing mistake: During the scene where the Romans soldiers raise Jesus' cross, they use two ropes on each arm of it. If you look at the rope on the left side of the screen, you can see that it is slack, it's obviously not supporting the weight of the cross. There must have been some device lifting it off screen.


Revealing mistake: This concerns the criminal to Jesus' left on the cross. If you pay close attention to the criminal's right hand, you can tell that the part of his hand that is nailed (past the area of the thumb) is obviously not his. When he moves around this part doesn't, and his wrist moves independently from the rest of his hand. Difficult to explain, but it is there.

Sol Parker

Revealing mistake: When Roman soldiers are scourging Jesus, he was on knees, and his hand almost fell out the manacles. And you can see that they are made of something soft.

Revealing mistake: Before Judas commits suicide he puts his hands to his face and you can see that the makeup on his right hand is peeling away.

Low Cow

Continuity mistake: When Jesus tells Peter to stop fighting against the temple guards when in the garden, you can see the background behind him: a small tree by a large one. The shot cuts to Peter and then back to Jesus telling him to again stop. The background is now reversed.

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Jesus: Forgive them, Father. They know not what they do.

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Trivia: Satan is actually played by a woman - the Italian actress Rosalinda Celentano.

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