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Continuity mistake: When Natalie first meets Kevin, the strap of her black dress goes from up, to down, then up again. (00:20:40)

Continuity mistake: After Marv falls out the window during the kidnap rehearsal, the bottom part of the window falls out along with Marv. However, after Kevin walks in, there is an extra pane left on the right side of the window. And after that, when the camera switches to the outside, the window is all crooked and bent, but it wasn't in the previous scenes.

Home Alone 4 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the flood scene when Natalie walks in and begins to scream, Kevin is standing on the first step of the stairs with his shirt uneven, and the strings for his pants are showing. In the next shot, Kevins clothes are neatly ironed, his shirt is even, and the strings have disappeared. (00:28:30)

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Continuity mistake: After Natalie arrives back at the house to find her mansion has been flooded, she screams and says "what?" six times. At that time, there is a shot of a purple shampoo bottle and a rubber ducky just in front of the stairs. Then Kevin says "I know it looks bad but." and during that line you can see that the shampoo bottle and rubber duck is about 10 meters from where it was before. It couldn't have floated that far in a few seconds.

Continuity mistake: On Christmas morning, Kevin fiddles with the presents. When his father says he has to go and pick up the royal family, look at the presents over Kevin's shoulder. The view changes so it is by the Christmas tree, and the same presents are in a different position (especially the dark metallic green one and stripy one).

Continuity mistake: When Kevin gets told off for the second time for causing a scene at the party, he goes to his room and lays on the bed. The teddy bear is lying between the pillows on its side. A closer shot is shown, and the teddy bear is sitting upright.

Continuity mistake: When Kevin escapes from the wine cellar using the dumbwaiter, he goes up. Then, he sends it down onto the robber's head. Then, the female sends it up, and then back down again when it hits the male robber's hand. But, when Prescot goes to the dumbwaiter chute, the dumbwaiter is up instead of down.

Continuity mistake: When Kevin puts the phone down after calling his Mum he says oh great, but then it switches to a different shot and his facial expression and posture is different. there was not enough time for him to change and it doesn't flow on well.

Continuity mistake: When Natalie is talking to Kevin just after he has arrived at the house, Kevin says "I'm the adorable one." In the rear shots, Kevin's dad has his hand on Kevin's left shoulder, whereas in the front shots there is no hand on Kevin's shoulder.

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Home Alone 4 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Natalie first meets Kevin, the strap of her black dress goes from up, to down, then up again. (00:20:40)

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Marv Merchants: Well, prison isn't so bad. We do get salisbury steak on Wednesdays.

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Question: What's the type of red dress that Natalie is seen wearing during the party?

Answer: Molly is wearing all gray suits and gray shoes.

Answer: White long sleeve black skirt and black high heels.

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