Home Alone 4

Audio problem: When the police are taking Marv and Vera away, they have a little argument about what prison is like etc, though they are arguing quite loudly, Marv's lips don't move at all, and Vera is still chewing gum.

Audio problem: When Kevin turns around from the monitor and sees Prescott for the first time, he screams and then it cuts to a different shot a bit too early, cutting the scream off too early as well.

Continuity mistake: After Marv falls out the window during the kidnap rehearsal, the bottom part of the window falls out along with Marv. However, after Kevin walks in, there is an extra pane left on the right side of the window. And after that, when the camera switches to the outside, the window is all crooked and bent, but it wasn't in the previous scenes.

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Question: What's the type of red dress that Natalie is seen wearing during the party?

Answer: Molly is wearing all gray suits and gray shoes.

Answer: White long sleeve black skirt and black high heels.

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