Home Alone 4

Corrected entry: In the scene where Prescott asks Kevin to help him move the boxes blocking the dumbwaiter, the sounds of wine bottles moving within the boxes isn't heard. This clearly shows that the boxes were in actual fact empty, otherwise Prescott should not have asked for help.

Correction: All right, it's a wine cellar, but how do you know if the stuff in it IS wine? Natalie could have emptied the wine onto the shelves and kept the boxes for other uses.

Corrected entry: Kevin's Mom wouldn't call back if the line died.

Correction: Despite that she couldn't reach her own son, she would always want to double check.

Corrected entry: When Kevin and the butler are locked in the basement, Kevin goes up the steps to pound on the door. You can see that the hinges on the door are on the basement side of the door. Surely, there would be something in the basement that could be used to remove the hinge bolts, so they could just remove the door.

Correction: Two reasons: 1) When we panic or are in a situation Kevin and the butler are in, we don't really think that and 2) People aren't always that smart.

Corrected entry: When Kevin decides to run away to be with his father for Christmas, he opens up his piggy bank, and dumps out all the change. When Kevin pays for the taxi, he hands the taxi driver the entire piggy bank with the change still in it. (00:08:45 - 00:11:30)

Reservoir Dog

Correction: Kevin could've opened the piggy bank to count what was in it, then put it back in for easy carrying. It has a plug on the bottom so it can be opened and closed without being broken, so this is definitely a possiblity.

Corrected entry: Kevin could have played the recording of Marv saying he was going to kidnap the prince to his dad and girlfriend, and his problems would be solved.

Correction: Kevin's dad and Natalie may just think he spoke it and played it slowly to cover a 'lie'.

Plot hole: In the scene when the robbers first enter the house, Kevin goes to hide in the shower. It looks like there is only one way out of the shower. How can Kevin possibly get out of the shower, let alone the bathroom, without getting wet after he turns it on?

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Marv Merchants: Well, prison isn't so bad. We do get salisbury steak on Wednesdays.

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