Home Alone 4

Other mistake: The story take place during Christmas time, yet there are still plenty of leaves on all the trees.

Other mistake: As Vera is trying to get into the room where Marv is, Kevin is playing insults with Marv's voice loud enough for Vera to hear through the door. She enters the room and Marv is oblivious to why she's angry at him as if he didn't hear the playback, despite being in the room as they were played in.

Other mistake: When Marv and Vera first break in the house, they enter the bathroom through Kevin's room, the door wide open. Kevin turns on the shower and floods the house. Kevin's room would've been flooded as the door was open.

Plot hole: In the scene when the robbers first enter the house, Kevin goes to hide in the shower. It looks like there is only one way out of the shower. How can Kevin possibly get out of the shower, let alone the bathroom, without getting wet after he turns it on?

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Marv Merchants: Well, prison isn't so bad. We do get salisbury steak on Wednesdays.

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