Bad Boys II

Other mistake: When Mike goes to Marcus's house to apologize, as Marcus lets Mike in and they walk through the house you can see the corner of a very nice built-in pool through the glass doors, even though a large part of the beginning and the end of the movie take place in Marcus's '$3900' portable pool and its subsequent replacement. (01:34:20)

Other mistake: When Marcus and Mike are in the Haitian penthouse and are "questioning" the dead, Marcus asks the dead man for info, he is slumped over but is obviously breathing. (00:52:45)

Other mistake: When driving through the shanty village huts are exploding nowhere near where the vehicle is driving. (02:14:15)

Ssiscool Premium member

Other mistake: During the attack on the house of Johnny Tapia in Cuba, a Cuban soldier fires an RPG, but misses his target and hits something else. The soldier comes out and disappears one second after impact. You can still see his rifle, but he is gone. (02:04:55)

Other mistake: During the chase of the semi, there is a shot of the car being driven by Will Smith where you can see that the car is slanted upwards in the front end & could not possibly be driven in reality.

Vanessa Moman

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