Bad Boys II

Revealing mistake: When Syd and the Haitians are running, there is one shot where skid marks are visible on the road in the exact place the Haitians skid. (00:27:40)

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Revealing mistake: When Mike and Marcus are chasing the Haitians, when Mike does a 360 degree spin and then fires his UMP-45, for a split second when he is spinning if you look into the window, you can notice that the driver isn't really Mike. (00:30:25)

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Revealing mistake: When Mike is fighting one guy in the Metro Rail and they go through the window, you can see a cable going down the pants near the ankle of one of the stunt men jumping out. (01:29:25)

Revealing mistake: In the highway chase scene, when the car's been shot from the outside, you can see that there is only one person inside.

Revealing mistake: When Mike is saying "shoot outside the car" the background outside the car is completely still, despite the fact Mike is still driving at speed. (00:34:10)

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Revealing mistake: In the first big chase scene the bad guys make the cars roll down from the car transport truck to block the street. You can see that there are stunt drivers sitting in some of those cars to keep them under control. (00:34:20)

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Revealing mistake: During the first gun battle, Mike blows up a bridge with two men on it. When they go flying, the man on top is attached to a very visible wire that lifts him up and sends him flying. (00:08:35)

Revealing mistake: When they raid Tapia's house, multiple rounds end up in the pool. During these shots, you can see the explosive charges in the water. (02:07:40)


Revealing mistake: During the freeway chase, they throw a white Malibu off the truck, but when it lands on top of another car it doesn't even touch the car, but bounces right off. (00:35:45)

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Marcus Burnett: You a virgin?
Reggie: Yes, sir.
Marcus Burnett: Good. Keep it that way. Ain't gonna be no fucking tonight.
Mike Lowrey: You ever made love to a man?
Reggie: No.
Mike Lowrey: You want to?



In the final chase scene, the yellow Hummer starts out with an open sunroof. As it barrels through the shantytown, interior shots of the Hummer show it with a large overhead bank of storage compartments, while overhead shots show the sunroof. When the chase finally reaches Gitmo, the Hummer once again is shown with an open sunroof.



When Burnett and Lowrey take a car to chase the van, the driver is American footballer Dan Marino. The driver of the red and white car who stops and calls Burnett a freak is the film's director Michael Bay.