Bad Boys II

Corrected entry: The flag shown in Cuba is not the Cuban flag. (02:12:50)

Correction: Not every flag is a national flag. Most countries will have dozens of flags in regular usage, representing regions, particular cities, organisations or even important individuals. As such, there is no reason to expect that any flag appearing on screen must be the national flag of the country the scene takes place in, particularly in a fleeting shot during an action sequence like this one.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Mike and Marcus are in the house being shot at, Marcus is in some sort of bathroom (there's a toilet there, anyway). He ducks behind the wall and the toilet, and the wall behind where his head was, around, and above, was covered completely in bullet holes. In the next shot, he sits back up again, and there are far fewer bullet holes in the wall. (00:50:25)


Correction: Have a closer look. It is in the overhead shot, that the white wall way above the rectangular pink tiles is shot up, with multiple bullet holes. In the close-up shot of Marcus, we only see the pink tiled wall behind him, which has fewer bullet holes than the white wall that is higher up, over the pink tiles.

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Corrected entry: During the chase scene, the first car to come off the trailer is a silver Pontiac Grand Prix, yet when they show the shot of the Haitian shooting the chain to release the car, it shows the rear end of a silver Buick. (00:34:20)

Correction: The Grand Prix wasn't the first car to come off the truck. There were Buicks on the top rack that were falling off before the Grand Prix, some blue, some silver.

Corrected entry: When Martin Lawrence jumps from the balcony from the attic where he was planting bugs and into the grass, he bumps the camera, shaking the scene when he lands. (01:07:15)

Aaron Lassman

Correction: Yes, and in the Hummer chase scene, mud flies up and covers the camera lens at one point. These aren't mistakes, they are left in the movie to make the viewer feel more like they are right in the action.

Corrected entry: After Syd smashes her way out of the pile-up and gets moving again there is about 20 seconds before the Haitians steal the semi but on the freeway they are right on her bumper. Fast semi.


Correction: The 4x4 was probably heavily damaged in the shootout/ramming, and therefore it's safe to assume it could not work to it's full potential. Also, take a look at the route to the motorway. The lorry is able to smash through the water barrels, where Syd decided not to. There also appears to be a lot of traffic, so Syd would have to slow down. Generally, people wouldn't move aside for a 4x4. If you have a loaded lorry with gunmen on it barrelling towards your rear at 80mph the sensible thing to do would be to move out of the way. Finally, most lorries nowadays are capable of reaching 100mph. I'd say the max speed of an undamaged GMC was around 120 (it may be lower), and so it doesn't provide that much of a difference between the top speeds.

Corrected entry: After Lowrey and Burnett scare Meghan's new boyfriend, Lowrey leans in to kiss Meghan on the cheek but he never touches here yet makes the "kiss" noise.

Correction: Which is the noise a person makes when they try to kiss someone and misses. Not a mistake, rather consistent with what really happens.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the bailed KKK member gets into the silver Cadillac trunk, his body lies with his head on the driver side and his feet are on passenger side and when Will Smith lets him out his body was lying in the opposite direction.

Correction: With all the high speed maneuvering and screeching around corners during the chase, it's not surprising he would be thrown around in the trunk. Besides, from the time the chase ended, to the time he started really kicking the trunk and making noise, sufficient time has elapsed for him to be moving from one side to the other, in an effort to try to find a way out of the trunk.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the Cuban house of Johnny Tapia gets attacked, two men would not be able to unload Mike and Marcus inside the coffin with their equipment without serious effort. Neither appears to break into a sweat. (02:01:15)

Correction: They are big guys, but at the same time, you can see they are struggling with one of the coffins, in fact you can hear one of the guys say something like "ooof" when they get it on the trolley. Keep in miond, these guys are used to unloading coffins full of money and/or drugs, so a heavy casket would not be unusual to them.

Corrected entry: A few shots before the car pile up in the middle of the intersection, Mike and Marcus go on a chase to help Syd from the Haitians. You can see that there are no cars behind them, but when Syd crashes, about a dozen cars start crashing into the pile at high speeds. Where were the cars? (00:19:00)

Correction: On the side streets, trying to cross the intersections when Syd and all run the lights.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, they are all riding in the H2 and Martin takes out his pistol and says he has one round left in the chamber. The pistol he pulls out is a Sig Sauer P226 with a chrome plated slide. He has carried it throughout the entire movie. Once they get to the minefield, he shoots Tapia. The only catch is that he shoots him with a Glock 17 with a chrome plated slide. He has not been seen with a Glock 17 for the entire movie. Only Will carries those (2 of them to be precise). At the end of the movie, Will has one of his Glocks while Gabrielle Union had the other (she threw her's onto a landmine). Where did Martin's come from?


Correction: Probably from the Cuban brother who got shot in the Hummer.

Corrected entry: When Syd is standing in front of the mirror, we see her slide the mic under her dress/cleavage, then in the next shot we see her slide it under again.

Correction: Yes, because a moment before she slides it under the 2nd time, we see it has popped up from under the seam.

Corrected entry: In the highway chase, a black car is seen to roll towards the camera. In the next shot, after the car 'hits' the camera, that car is now spinning, not rolling over.

Correction: It's not going to keep rolling indefinitely. There will come a point when an outside force acts on it, to change its' trajectory, and once it loses enough inertia, the rolling will turn into sliding/spinning.

Corrected entry: When Mike and Marcus are planning the siege on Tapia's Cuban Mansion in a police hangar, they get a phone call from Tito, who informs them that his men can get working on the tunnel right away. This must mean that they already have a safe house in mind. Then, why does Marcus question Tito about said safe house later on?

Correction: Marcus is asking about the why the safe house is located right across from Tapia's house, to which the reply is they would never think of looking for them there. Tito's brother did already have a safe house in mind, the one they had all along across the road.

Corrected entry: In the last scene, where Smith is yelling about not having enough bullets, he says he only has two bullets left yet in the entire scene, he never fired a shot from his Glock. So how does he only have two bullets left?

Correction: Maybe he miscounted, or estimated wrong, or did not have the Glock fully loaded.

Corrected entry: At one point during the Causeway chase scene, you can see a black pickup truck zoom by with a cage/roll-bar in the bed. This is the camera truck that was used to get the shots for most of this scene.

Correction: Yes, but evidently, there is no camera visible so technically, this cannot be counted as a mistake but simply as part of the storyline.

Corrected entry: After killing the Haitians in their house, Marcus and Mike proceed to the video store to look at the camera. Usually when the police kill people, there is some sort of investigation and the officers are placed on administrative leave. However Marcus and Mike and the rest of the team continue their case as if nothing ever happened. There is never even a mention of them killing the Haitians, and Captain Howard never questions how they came across the videotape.

Correction: Mike and Marcus don't really do much by the books, as we can see. Chances are, the Captain had no idea what they were doing anyway. They found the pink house from the guy who owned the head shop that they busted up, and all Captain Howard knew was that Mike had a "source". More than likely, the Captain wouldn't have even wanted to know.

Corrected entry: At Marcus' house, Mike looks inside the 1988 Palmetto High School Yearbook. Inside, Mike's full name is revealed as Michael Eugene Lowrey. (01:34:45)


Correction: Mikes's full name is "revealed" for all to see, and is blatantly obvious to anyone who watched the movie, so it is not trivia.

Corrected entry: In the shanty town destruction scene in Cuba, a justification for plowing through the hoards of houses is that it is a cocaine producing neighbourhood. Cuba is not a cocaine producing country, as coca does not grow there.

Correction: True, but they could simply be processing cocaine being shipped in, or could be growing it inside the houses in controlled conditions.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene when Will takes a shot in slow motion, as you see the bullet in slo-motion you can see Martin Lawrence react to the bullet hitting his ass before the bullet even reaches him. (00:09:15)

Correction: Either he was starting to react to the man with a shotgun, whom he was just seeing, and then his reaction switched to pain from the shock of the bullet. I've seen the movie numerous times and he seems to react just after the bullet hits him.

Corrected entry: When Mike and Marcus are following the drug runners, they call Johnny to tell them they are being followed. He says "you kill those black *******". How does he know who's following his men without being told?

Correction: Perhaps he didn't care if Carlos (Johnny's partner) said that they were being followed, Johnny commanded them to do one thing; to capture both Mike and Marcus, in which he did not think about anything else other than that.

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