Other mistake: At the carnival, you can see an African-American man staring at the camera for a while. I am unsure if he is a crew-member watching over the scene, or if he is just an extra trying to get onscreen.

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Suggested correction: While he may appear to be staring at the camera, to the audience, he was simply a carnival attendee staring at something off camera, in the film, that was in the direction of the camera.


Other mistake: Near the end, when Julie is pushed off the building by the henchmen, her handcuffs get caught on some rods that where sticking out. But this is impossible, by the way she was falling (vertically) the rods would have made contact between her legs. No way her handcuffs could have been caught like that. And they were sticking out a good foot or two from where her body was.

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Other mistake: When Durant uses his cigar cutter to cut off Eddie's fingers, no blood is shown squirting from his severed digits and no blood is seen on the cigar cutter.


Other mistake: Just before the Strack helicopter which Durant is in hits the bridge, the letter and numbers painted on the side just forward of the cockpit door are backwards, like a mirror image.

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