Trivia: Cinematic legend and Sam Raimi regular Bruce Campbell plays Darkman in the final shot.

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Trivia: During a scene in the movie, Darkman cries out "JULIE.". The voice of Darkman for this scene was not done by Liam Neeson, but was in fact done by Bruce Campbell.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darkman#Darkman_Trivia

Trivia: Director John Landis and actress Jenny Agutter both have cameos in this movie as doctors. And let us not forget that John Landis directed An American Werewolf in London and Jenny Agutter starred in it. Jenny Agutter is not credited at the end of Darkman, only John Landis is.

Trivia: Sam Raimi wanted Bruce Campbell to star, but was overruled. There are clear similarities between Liam Neeson's performance and Bruce Campbell's decomposed alter-ego in Army of Darkness (and as anyone with a brain knows NOW, Bruce Campbell is a genius who could have played the role perfectly).

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Trivia: Footage from Darkman's psychedelic "freakouts" (in particular, the animated footage of nerve-endings "firing off") was re-used in another of director Sam Raimi's films- 2002's "Spider-Man." (Although the footage was digitally altered to change the colors and add CGI spiders to the shot).

Trivia: During the sequence in which Darkman/Peyton is hanging from a helicopter, he is slammed into by a beige car at one point. This is director Sam Raimi's Delta 88 Oldsmobile, which he has put in almost every one of his films. For added bonus, we briefly see two men driving the car (who are seen screaming as they are about to hit Darkman). They are the famed directors Joel and Ethan Cohen in a cameo, as they are friends with Sam Raimi.

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