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Corrected entry: When Eddie Black tells off Durant, Durant and his men pull out guns and begin killing Eddie's crew. With the exception of Skip, who had a machine gun concealed in his fake leg, Durant and the rest of his men shouldn't have had any weapons, since they were thoroughly searched before meeting with Eddie.

Correction: Only one of Durant's henchmen pulls a gun, which is shown to have been concealed in the wooden-leg of the one-legged henchman "Skip". Durant and his other henchmen acquire their guns off Eddie Black's gunned-down goons that are killed in the initial wave of gunfire.

Corrected entry: When Peyton is running from Durant, who is on the helicopter, look closely as Peyton throws himself on the floor. His left coat sleeve goes up revealing a perfect and skin bound arm despite the fact that it should be burned.

Correction: When Peyton is in the hospital, the doctor explains to her staff that he has burns covering thirty percent of his body and that the hands and face received the most damage. It's possible that other parts of his body may have received little to no damage.

Corrected entry: During the chase scene you can see the blue screen through the police helicopter's windows in quite a few shots.


Correction: The "blue-screen" is actually a cloudless sky.

Corrected entry: After all the chaos at the film's climax, the next morning there is no commotion as Peyton and Julie leave the construction site. Surely someone would have noticed the bodies of two men who fell over 600-feet.

Correction: The building they are in is just one of several high-rises being built simultaneously. Louis even makes the point that he is constructing an entire city on the site. If the building where the final fight took place was in the middle of a block-wide construction site, there would not be many people around to observe the falling bodies. The scene where Peyton and Julie leave, happens a while later (mid-morning), so they probably had to traverse quite a bit of the site to get out.


Corrected entry: As Peyton and Julie leave the construction site at the end of the movie, the sky is pitch-black. However, a few shots later, the sun has fully risen and the streets have gone from empty to packed with morning traffic.

Correction: The construction site stretches over several city blocks. It would take Peyton and Julie quite some time to get down from the building, and then make their way out to populated areas. In the meanwhile, the sun has risen and daily business has begun in the streets outside.


Corrected entry: Whenever Peyton looses his nerve, we see a montage of images racing through his mind. The first time this happens, we see him screaming with his face bound in bandages. However, at this point, he has just woken up after being found, so he should not know he is burnt and wrapped up.

Correction: He has been awake or semi-awake for most of the time, and has listened to the doctors discussing his case. That is made especially clear in the scene where the female doctor is using him as a demonstration object to the interns. He does not know precisely how badly he is burned, but he knows he is badly burned on 70% of his body and wrapped in bandages. And before the procedure where his nerve canal got cut, he could probably feel a lot of the burns as well.


The film shows him waking up for the first time during this scene and displaying confusion and panic, so the idea that he's been awake or semi-aware of what's happened is complete nonsense.

Granted, he might not have been awake the entire time - but there is also nothing in the scene that says he goes from unconsciousness to wide awake in a second. He could have been in the process of waking up, which means he could have heard the doctor describing his case (which she does in the scene).


Corrected entry: Whatever happened to the one legged henchman? He was one of the villains lead goons in the first half of the film, but he simply disappears after the scene in Chinatown.

Correction: After the scene in Chinatown, Darkman is in more of a hurry, as the villains now knows who he is and where to find him (and Julie). He simply does not take the time to dispatch all of the henchmen, at least not in the timeframe of the movie, and instead concentrates on the head villains.


Corrected entry: The 99-minute limit for the synthetic skin seems reasonable enough. If it absorbs too much light, the cells break down, and the skin more or less melts. However, shouldn't there be some variables? Such as if it is a cloudy day, the masks could be exposed more, because less light reaches the mask. Or what about the lighting in the lab? Shouldn't that react different than sunlight?

Correction: This is possible, if the breaking down of the cells is a process that requires only a minute amount of light to take place, but any amount of light beyond that will not speed it up any more - they will break down at maximum speed in low light conditions, and extra light will not hasten the process. Similar relations exist in many other processes, and this one wouldn't be unique by any means.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Peyton is creating a synthetic hand, we see a shot of the various pictures he has taken of the villains. One of these villains is not seen in the movie until the climax, in the construction site. The fact that we see his picture early in the movie makes no sense.

Correction: When Darkman threatens Rick in the sewer, it is very plausible that Darkman is able to not only get the name of Durant, but also the people who work with Durant. Since Louis Strack and Durant work together, Darkman is able to take pictures of not only Durant's men, but also Strack's.

Corrected entry: During the "psycho" segment in the hospital, as we go inside Darkman's brain through his eye, you can see a camera or some sort of equipment reflected in his eye at the very end of the shot. Happens quickly but it is there.

Correction: That's a computer generated image. There was no camera involved.

No, it's not computer generated. It's live-action footage.

Continuity mistake: When Durant shows up at Darkman's hideout in a helicopter, he is holding a machine gun. In the next shot, he's holding a grenade launcher. (01:10:20)

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Darkman: I'm everyone. And no one. Everywhere. Nowhere. Call me...Darkman.

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Trivia: Director John Landis and actress Jenny Agutter both have cameos in this movie as doctors. And let us not forget that John Landis directed An American Werewolf in London and Jenny Agutter starred in it. Jenny Agutter is not credited at the end of Darkman, only John Landis is.

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Question: When Peyton wakes up in the hospital, images suddenly appear. What exactly is the significance of the light bulb shattering and the little marionette with the huge head supposed to represent?

Answer: It's just psychedelic imagery to try and show his fragile state of mind and how he's losing it. The shattering light-bulb is likely to show that his mind is "shattering" (as light-bulbs appearing above someone's head are often used to signify brains/ideas in fictional, particularly cartoons), and the marionette "dancing" is the first part of the recurring motif in which he sees himself as a "freak." (Which is paid off later when he starts singing a demented song about "Paying five bucks to see the dancing freak!").

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