New this month Continuity mistake: When Guzman runs into Smiley wearing several masks, Smiley knocks him out. On the floor, Guzman's head is facing straight-up. In the close-up, it's tilted sideways.

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New this month Continuity mistake: The wet coffee circle stain on the paper is above the word 'date'. When the angle changes and the stain is dry, the circle has moved several centimeters below and is now surrounding the word 'date'.

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Continuity mistake: When Durant shows up at Darkman's hideout in a helicopter, he is holding a machine gun. In the next shot, he's holding a grenade launcher. (01:10:20)

Continuity mistake: When Peyton returns to his lab after its destruction, a burnt picture of him and Julie is on the floor. The destroyed picture shows half of Peyton's face missing. After finding a new place to stay, when the picture is put into the scanner, more of Peyton's face is visible. (00:28:10 - 00:30:40)

Continuity mistake: In the opening battle at the warehouse, there is frantic gunfire and battling during the scene. However, after the second car crashed, all of Eddie Black's men are suddenly dead, despite almost all of them being alive just a few seconds earlier.

Continuity mistake: When the power goes out in Peyton's lab (when he figures out the secret of the synthetic skin), the entire lab is still filled with some light. If it was daytime, this would be believable, but it is night outside.

Continuity mistake: At the climax of the movie, in the skyscraper construction site, there is a segment where the villains are swinging large wires with metal hooks to hit Peyton. However, the number of wires swinging through the area changes during the course of the shots, and in fact, they all disappear for a period of time.

Continuity mistake: When Durant fires a grenade launcher at Darkman as they are flying through the city, Durant hits a van with a clown face on it. A few seconds later Durant hits the exact same van again.

Continuity mistake: When Darkman's hand is pinned to the steel beam by the rivet there is no blood. When we see a close up of him trying to pull his hand free, there is now blood coming from the wound. When Strack calls Darkman a freak, Darkman gets angry and the blood from his hand is gone. The next shot of his hand shows blood, as he pulls it free from the rivet.

Continuity mistake: When Darkman and Durant are battling on the helicopter, Darkman drops a large hook and line from the helicopter. A few shots later, during one wide shot, the hook and line have vanished, only for them to re-appear when Darkman falls from the helicopter and catches them.

Continuity mistake: The villain fires with a nail-gun at Darkman and the nail flies for several seconds towards him. But Darkman is very close to the villain, the nail would have hit him in a tenth of a second.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: As Darkman attaches the hook and line (from the helicopter) to the front of the truck, in at least three different shots, the position of Darkman's entire body changes. For example in one wide shot he is crouched over, then in the next shot he is standing up, etc.

Continuity mistake: Halfway through the film, Frances and Colin are in Colin's office. Colin has a glass of brandy in his hand, but when the phone rings, the glass is gone.


Continuity mistake: Near the start, Julie sits on a sofa when discussing the bribe. In the wide shot, as she says "I wish it were that simple", she rests her left hand on her knee. It then cuts to a closeup for her next line, and her left arm is suddenly along the back of the sofa. (00:13:40)

Jon Sandys Premium member

Continuity mistake: Look at the police officer in the helicopter towards the end of the movie. In one shot, the words "POLICE" across the helmet are reversed like a mirror image. In another shot the same police officer's helmet says "POLICE" in normal letters.

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