A Mighty Wind

Corrected entry: During the interview with Mitch and Mickey, Mickey's hair is somewhat fluffy and unkempt in her closeup, but smooth and neat in the wide shot.


Correction: I've looked through the scene and there appears to be little to no difference between the shots.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the New Main Street Singers are performing their second song at the reunion show, during the first close-up, Terry Bohner (Higgins) is standing behind Sissy Knox (Posey); upon the second close-up, he is standing behind his wife, Laurie (Lynch).

Robin Iredale

Correction: The change isn't between shots it's between scenes. Whilst performing the second song the scene changes to the Folksmen and after about 20 seconds of screen time it goes back to the New Main Street singers. More than enough time for Terry to change positions.

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Corrected entry: In the scene in which all three acts at the concert come out on stage to play the song "A Mighty Wind", Mitch and Mickey are at center stage. To their left (the right of the screen) are The Folksmen; to their right (the left of the screen) are The New Main Street Singers. Yet the NMSS logo is hanging over The Folksmen and The Folksmens' logo is hanging over NMSS while Mitch's and Mickey's are directly over them.

Correction: This is because that is where the signs were placed throughout the whole show, with the NMSS sign on our right, M&M in the middle, and The Folksmen's sign on our left. the stage crew couldn't move the signs around during the show, and by that point it the identity of the performers is already established. not a mistake, just what would happen in real life. It was a group performance, and they didn't need to huddle under their own signs.

Corrected entry: While in the recording studio with the New Main Street Singers, Mike LaFontaine mixes up the story of "Moby Dick," saying that Moby Dick was the name of the captain, and was chasing "some big whale." In reality, Moby Dick is the name of the whale.

Correction: And that's why it's funny.

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