A Mighty Wind

A Mighty Wind (2003)

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When folk-music producer Irving Steinbloom dies, his son Jonathan has just days to reunite three of his father's biggest groups (The Folksmen, The Main Street Singers and Mitch and Mickey) for a tribute concert in his memory. The (New) Main Street Singers and The Folksmen agree, but it doesn't prove to be as easy to reunite America's folk sweethearts, Mitch and Mickey, who haven't spoken to each other since a nasty breakup caused Mitch's mental breakdown. As the concert nears, The Folksmen and The New Main Street Singers prepare for a final chance at stardom, while Mitch and Mickey try to come to terms with the events (and lingering feelings) of years past.

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As the New Main Street Singers are performing their second song at the show, you can see Parker Posey pretend to use her guitar as a shotgun. The strap for the guitar drops from her shoulder down to her right forearm when she does this. When the shot changes the strap is back up over her shoulder.



The music historian who appears early in the film is called Martin Berg. Almost certainly a reference to Marty DiBergi from This Is Spinal Tap.