A Mighty Wind

Trivia: The music historian who appears early in the film is called Martin Berg. Almost certainly a reference to Marty DiBergi from This Is Spinal Tap.

Trivia: The Folksmen first appeared on a Saturday Night Live skit in 1983, and have toured as Spinal Tap's "opening act".

Trivia: Christopher Guest's appearance (moustache, Bozo hair) was based on folk singer Tom Paxton.

Trivia: The cover of Mitch and Mickey's record "Meet Mitch and Mickey" is a reference to the cover of "Meet the Beatles."

Trivia: All three acts in the movie were based on actual 1960's folk groups: the Folksmen on the Kingston Trio, Mitch & Mickey on Ian & Sylvia, and the New Main Street Singers on the New Christie Minstrels.

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