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Corrected entry: When Rory gets cut into thirds, in the background you can faintly hear someone cheer and say beautiful, perhaps because the stunt went so well.

Correction: The "cheering" sound is actually the firemen and rescue personnel yelling amongst themselves as they scramble in the background.

Corrected entry: After Kimberly has the vision of the pile-up, she pulls her car across the on-ramp. She is still behind the concrete separator, so how did the truck actually hit her car later on? There was no evidence that the concrete was ever there. The truck got her cleanly.

Correction: She pulled further away from the concrete when she blocked off the on-ramp - only the back of her car was "blocked" by the concrete, and you can see a small shadow on the left side of the screen, so the concrete was definitely there.

Corrected entry: Flight 180 was due on May 13. In FD-2, when the survivors of the car accident are reminiscing how they had managed to cheat death in their past, Kat Jennings says that last May she was supposed to die at some hotel of the gas leak but she didn't get there as the bus she was on hit Terry Chaney. It couldn't happen in May, because Terry was present at the memorial opening which took place 39 days after the air crash. So she couldn't die earlier than in June.

Correction: This is not a continuity error. Kat said that uncertainly "like... last May." Those incidents were supposed to be irrelevant in the characters' lives and they weren't supposed to find it important (until Kimberly came along), which is why she didn't remember the precise month of the accident.

Corrected entry: After Kimberly has the premonition of Dr. Kalarjian wheeling the ECG machine, she doesn't say anything about it to the cop or to Clear. Yet the cop says to her a few seconds later something like- 'Okay, so you saw an ECG machine and what else?'. How did he know if Kimberly never said anything? [NOTE-This is on the DVD under one of the subtitles.]

Correction: Kimberly said 'I saw an ECG machine'

Yeah, after Clear and Eugene died; before that, all she mentioned was the bloody hands, so Burke wouldn't have known before she actually said it.

Corrected entry: For a brief moment Tim's body disappears completely from under the glass.

logan crews

Correction: Not true.

Corrected entry: When all of the characters are driving in the car, discussing how they had something to do with the survivors of Flight 180s' deaths, Eugene says that the teacher he replaced was killed by a kid who came in to school with a knife and stabbed her. Then, not even two minutes later, he says that she wasn't killed by being stabbed, but reveals that it was Miss Lewton, and did in fact die in the explosion in her house, and not by being stabbed by a kid at school.


Correction: No, the teacher that was stabbed and killed by the student was at his original school. He left two days before that event to replace the already dead teacher from the first film.


Corrected entry: At least two events from each film are based on real life tragedies or accidents. For this film, the crash scene is based on a 125 car pile-up that happened in Ringgold, Georgia in 2002, and Nora's death is based on an accident where an intern at St. Joseph's Hospital in Texas was decapitated by a faulty elevator.


Correction: Actually, Final Destination 2 was released in January 2003, a few months before the decapitation of a surgical resident at St. Joseph's Hospital in August 2003. Real-life foreshadowing?

Corrected entry: During the premonition the song Highway to Hell is on at 8:16, when it is real again, it is already 8:24 when the song's in the radio.

Ronnie Bischof

Correction: Premonitions are not always correctly detailed.

Corrected entry: The dental assistant intervenes to save Timmy from choking to death on the plastic fish. Nora should be next on death's list, however Timmy is killed by the falling sheet of glass anyway.

Correction: The dental assistant, not having any form of premonition and not being one of the unintended survivors, doesn't count as having intervened.

Correction: Because Timmy wasn't supposed to die there but outside by the falling glass.

Corrected entry: When Kimberly is talking to her Dad outside her house in the first scene, the extra doing yard work in the is raking one minute, clipping hedges the next and then raking again as Kimberly drives away. The time lapses between shots aren't long enough for him to go and get a clippers or rake (neither are visible on the ground or nearby while the other is in use).


Correction: In the first shot, the extra is raking the leaves back and notices a branch of leaves sticking out from the hedge, then drops the rake and bends over, most likely to pick up the hedge clippers. The extra actually continues clipping the hedges, even when Kimberly is driving away.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the white van crashes into the field, as the camera moves down over the van, the log sticking out of the side door is extremely long. When the kid tries to help Kat remove the log, you can see it's shorter then before.

Correction: This mistake has already been submitted.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when Kimberly is driving she passes a car with a kid and a father in. Look at the kid, he is playing with two toys, a red SUV and a dirty truck. He is holding them up and banging them together. Kimberly is driving a red SUV and it's a dirty great truck that causes the accident.


Correction: This is hardly trivia. It is a crucial point of the plot that pertains to her premonition. The audience is supposed to get this the first time, and most, if not all, do notice this right off.


Corrected entry: When logs fall out of a truck, they don't bounce like the ones in the movie, (this is pointed out on the DVD).

Correction: In the FD series, Death has been proven to move things to cause a death (breaking the chain, bouncing the logs, etc.).

Corrected entry: On the the site with the victims/survivors of flight 180, that the officer is looking on, under the photo of Billy Hitchcock you'll find written in red letters "Decapitated by train". Which is not really correct. When the train passed by, it caused a piece of metal, that was lying near or between the tracks, to "fly". This piece of metal decapitated Billy.

Correction: Should they have written "Decapitated by a piece of metal that has been lifted by a train passing by and hit Billy's neck"? This is a rather long explanation for a picture title.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: On the freeway scene, the drug guy is in a mustang convertible with the top down. In the very next scene, he is in a hard top vehicle. There's no way possible this could happen even in her premonition.

Correction: I have watched this whole scene in slow-motion and he never has a convertible, he has a sun roof and when you see him head on you are looking out the hatchback behind him, which is the first thing to fly off the car in the wreck, followed by the gas tank.


Corrected entry: In Kimberley's premonition scene, after the log comes off the truck and goes through the cop car, you see the guy on the motorcycle locks up his brakes and falls off the bike. If you pay attention the bike starts sliding in front of him, but ends up crushing him against the Log. How in the world did he manage to get back in front of a sliding bike when he was behind it to begin with?

Correction: There is a thing in physics known as the drag coefficient. Heavier objects slide slower than lighter ones, especially when the lighter one is wearing leather and the heavy one is metal and steel.


Corrected entry: After the explosion in the hospital, Kimberly runs out to the ambulance to crash it while the cop is trapped in the hospital by the electrical doors shorting out. The cop is next on the list, yet death keeps him away from Kimberly who is trying to kill herself. But death should have actually stopped Kimberly because she wasn't next.

Correction: As explained in the answer to a question on this site, Kimberly saved Tom (again) by pulling him away from the flying gurney during the explosion in the hospital. He was thereby 'bumped to the back of the queue', meaning that Kimberly would be next in line to die, which of course Death would help her with as much as possible.


Corrected entry: At the end of the pile up scene, an instant right before the truck hits her friends, the fat kid's head disappears from the window, showing that the car is empty. You can see it in slow motion.

Correction: But since you can NOT see this in regular viewing, it is not valid as a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: The spaghetti Evan tossed out the window when he got home couldn't have possibly landed right under the ladder, therefore, Evan should have been able to escape.

Correction: All the vitims die an impossible death, which is why the spaghetti helped kill him.

Corrected entry: In the end of Final Destination 2, Kimberly runs the van into the lake for her big heroic New Life, but according to Death's Design, the police officer should have been the next one to be killed, he was never almost killed and nobody intervened to save his life. The film makes a point to show you during the movie that you can't die outside of death's design, but somehow Kimberly does.

Correction: Death cannot stop what humans do. And any way did Kimberly die, no. So deaths design has destroyed not changed.

Correction: Kimberly had already saved him (technically) before wanting to kill herself; once at the crash site and then later when the gurney came flying after the explosion at the hospital.

Corrected entry: In the deleted scene when Kim is avoiding the cops they drive by a Canadian flag even though they are supposed to be in New York.

Correction: It's a deleted scene. That may be one reason it was scrapped. However if this isn't the reason, you can see flags of all types everywhere around New York, I have a German flag hanging outside my home.

Scott Jester

Corrected entry: When the kid is crushed by the pane of glass, if you watch it in slow-motion you can see that he is almost completely crushed and the pane is almost at the ground when it switches to a different shot, where suddenly the glass is still just crushing his head.

Correction: It is an accepted practice to show the same action twice or more from different angles. Also, if the shot requires "slow motion" in order to see it, the mistake is invalidated.

Corrected entry: When Evan arrives at his apartment, he opens a window. Later on when the apartment is on fire, two windows close by themselves. He never opened a second window.

Correction: The window was never shown to be closed; it could have been open when he came in.

Corrected entry: On the website about the survivors of flight 180, it states that Alex was nineteen at the time of his death, yet in the beginning of the original film, his father says he is seventeen. How did he manage this when only one year has passed? The events of Final Destination 2 take place on the one year anniversary of the plane crash, Carter was killed a little over 7 months after the plane crash, not one year, and Alex dies somewhere in between. Even if Alex turned 18 the day after we see his dad saying that he's 17 he still couldn't possibly have turned 19 before his death.

Correction: Seeing that the source is only a website, it likely that website simply messed-up Alex's age.

Corrected entry: Nora is almost killed by the plate of glass that falls on Timmy, if the construction worker hadn't intervened she would have died too, so she should have gone to the bottom of the list behind Kimberly. Instead she's killed next.


Correction: If she was going to die by the falling plate she wouldn't have died nor being at the bottom of the list because death has to maintain its order correctly, so the falling plate could have been prevented somehow.

Corrected entry: If they are 'safe proofing' the house, why is the bike still hanging on the wall? This would be one of the first things to remove.

Correction: Character mistakes aren't movie mistakes.

James King III

Corrected entry: When Eugene's room explodes, the entire volume of air bursts into flames. However, oxygen is not flammable by itself, there should be another flammable gas in the room to cause such explosion and there wasn't.


Correction: The problem is, just about anything is flammable in pure oxygen. In the Apollo 1 fire, for example, it was Velcro, only later found to be flammable in 100% oxygen, that was the primary culprit. So in a room full of pure oxygen, almost anything might become flammable, burn, release enough gas to combine with the oxygen, and result in a fire/explosion.

Corrected entry: Kimberly, Tom, Eugene, Kat and Rory explain how they cheated death because the characters from the previous movie intervened, but it never explains how Evan, Tim and Nora cheated death because Tod intervened Kimberly; Terry intervened Kat, Ms. Lewton intervened Eugene; Billy intervened Tom; and Carter intervened Rory. How did Evan, Tim and Nora cheat death when there are no characters left from FD1 to intervene?

Correction: They weren't supposed to die during FD1. The fact that they were saved from the car accident is why they were killed.

Correction: Just because they had no stories to tell doesn't mean that it was necessary. Added to that, nobody could have known anyway since it was never brought up until later in the movie, i.e. the scene in the field.

Corrected entry: After Kimberley's premonition, the truck crashes and when this happens everyone in the car can see the whole thing. However, Dano, in the end seat of the car, is looking in totally the opposite direction.


Correction: This really isn't a mistake. Just because everyone else is looking forward doesn't mean it was scripted that way. Dano could have been looking around to make sure they were ok and not realizing that there was still danger from other cars.

Corrected entry: The news van with the call letters WWED is WAY out of its area. Radio and television stations in the US begin with 'W' if located east of the Mississippi or a 'K' if west of it. The movie is supposed to take place on the US West Coast, therefore the news van should have call letters beginning with a 'K'.

Correction: In the first movie Mt. Abraham was in New York (the plane leaves from either JFK or La Guardia). This movie takes place in the same general area.

MoonFaery Premium member

Corrected entry: At the gas station Tom mentions to Clear and Kimberley that that there was a pregnant girl in a white van. He had not seen her at all during the blockage at the highway, so how does he know?

Correction: The pregnant woman gets out of her van to ask him if people can drive around Kimberly's SUV.

MoonFaery Premium member

Corrected entry: All the vehicles are equipped with New York license plates yet none have registration or inspection stickers in the lower driver's side corner of the front windshield.

Correction: They look a lot more like Washington plates to me. And judging the geography, it's more likely to be the West Coast by the mountains, lakes and valleys.

Corrected entry: The part where Eugene is nearly killed by the kayak makes no sense. We know he was never meant to die, given the events with the gun a few minutes later, yet he is only saved by Claire pulling him away at the last second. There is no way that Death could have known that Claire would have intervened, and it's safe to day that Death can't control spontaneous human reactions - if it could then it'd make people throw themselves off buildings, slit their own wrists etc. Even if he was meant to die, then surely after this escape he should have gone behind Kimberly in the list order. And even if Eugene was never meant to be hit by the kayak in the first place, and Claire was always meant to save his life, then why did Death bother in the first place?

Correction: No. He doesn't die by the gun because he was lower on the list, but then his time is supposed to have come and the kayak is about to kill him. Death doesn't know Clear would save him and cannot control humans in any way.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the firefighters are using the jaws of life to get the girl out of the van, the jaws make a sound like a chainsaw. The last time I checked, the jaws were pneumatic and while the air compressor would make an engine type of noise, it is nowhere near the sound like a chainsaw.

Correction: Some emergency crews use gas powered jaws of life and they do sound like a chain saw because they are 2 cycle engines.

Corrected entry: When the people in the SUV are talking about how they cheated death before the one woman talks about the bus she was on hit some girl on the road. Later Clear says that girl was Terry Chaney (from FD1) but the bus that hit Terry was empty.


Correction: If you frame by frame the sequence you can faintly see outlines of the passengers on the bus.

Corrected entry: After the big crash in the beginning of the movie, Evan, the lotto winner, is walking up the stairs to his apartment with a couple boxes. As he struggles to get to his door, he almost trips over a toy baby and an ambulance. This seems to foreshadow the plot point later on about the pregnant lady and the 'new life' at the end.

Correction: The baby is meant to foreshadow Evan's death because if you look closely it only has one eye.(this is mentioned on the DVD).

Corrected entry: The whole basis of FD2 is how to stop death, by giving new life. Technically this would have happened in the first film when Alex died by electrocution when saving Clear, then was brought back to life.

Correction: Yeah, but then that's not NEW life - just the return of an old one. The only ways to make NEW life is with a baby or cloning.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the airbag right before the airbag goes off you see the pipe over her left shoulder beside her head and below the level of her ears. How did it come out of the middle of her forehead?


Correction: Right before the airbag goes off, you see the girl lean down for something and she moves her head to the middle of the steering wheel, causing the spike to go through her head.

Corrected entry: Rory's car changes from a convertible to a hard top with a sunroof throughout the pileup scene.


Correction: In the shots from the front you just see through Rory's rear window. Although it may look like a convertible at first, it appears not to be so when looking closely. The wind comes in from his side window.


Corrected entry: Timmy's mom comes into his bedroom and gives him his medicine tablet to swallow. If you watch his hand, he pinches the tablet and seems to put it in his mouth. When he drops his hand, though, you notice that he is pinching his finger and thumb down; most likely he is still holding the tablet, which has never been swallowed.

Correction: Not a movie mistake, rather normal behavior of teenagers. Many times I've dumped medicine down the sink or just pretended to take it.


Corrected entry: Eugene should not be on Death's list before the film even begins- he says that he was transferred because of Val Lewton's death but she would have died in the plane crash if everything had gone to Death's plan- her job would have been available if Alex hadn't got her off the plane. Even if you argued that he was appointed rather than someone else because she died slightly later (her job may have been available at a different time and thus to a different person) she quit her job after the accident. The job was not affected by Alex's premonition and so neither was Eugene's design.

Correction: Don't forget that there's a gap of about a month between the time that the plane crashes and the time when Death starts to catch up with the intended victims. If Ms. Lewton carried on teaching for that month, that would have been enough to alter fate and ensure Eugene didn't get the job.


Corrected entry: In this film, Death's Design is: whoever Kimberley sees dying first in her premonition will die last. Thus, whoever was first on Death's list is now last. Claire was originally the first person on Death's list, being the only survivor from the first film. Thus, she should now be last on the list in this film, after Kimberley. Claire's death doesn't make sense. She should have been either the first person to die, or the last. Her death is just random - she dies at the same time as Eugene - and surely can't be accounted for in the list.

Correction: Clear was on a different list than the survivors of the pileup. Since she was the sole survivor from the Flight 180 list, she was able to be killed at any time.


Corrected entry: Modern airbags, when activated, deflate almost instantly after impact, unlike what's seen in the car wreck scene.

Correction: It was an older model of car, obviously.

Corrected entry: Clear Rivers has had herself committed and is now afraid that death will get her. She does not allow anything in the room that may harm her. She obviously doesn't mind a television with its high vacuum tube and high voltage circuitry. One spark and that padding she finds so comforting will go up in smoke. Then the tube explodes, splattering her head on the rear wall. More unbelievable things have happened.

Correction: She is hoping that if something that odd does happen, then the signs will be so obvious that she will have time to get out of the room; remember, all of the people on Death's list can notice signs.

Corrected entry: In the Stoneybrook Institute, the nurse lists sharp objects, saying shoelaces higher in the list than penknives.

Correction: Who cares what order she says them in? She doesn't specifically say "In order of importance" So maybe she is just reading the list as Clear gave it to her...

Corrected entry: Why is OB doctor Kalarjian saving Kim in the ER?

Correction: They never say Kilargian is an OB doctor. She must be the doctor on call, which is why they called her for the birth of the baby as well as to assist when they pull Kim out of the water.

Corrected entry: The guy in the elevator says that he had "wrote to management two weeks ago about those friggin' bumpers" but two weeks ago Nora's design was to be killed in the pile-up. Death wouldn't mess with the elevator bumpers that early because it had prepared for Nora to die another way.

Correction: The faulty elevators were never Death's doing. They were genuinely faulty for mechanical reasons, so after Nora survived the crash and ended up in the apartment block - which again is nothing Death could have preplanned - it was forced to improvise.

Corrected entry: Kimberley is scared when Bloodworth knows her name ("How do you know my name?") but in the cell, she seems perfectly fine with Clear calling her Kimberley when she hasn't introduced herself by name.

Correction: Obviously as she is visiting a mental institution, she would have to give her name, either for registration in a guest book, or for Clear to agree to see her.

Corrected entry: On paper I'm sure it sounds fine but the 'ripple effect' theory doesn't make sense. Even if they died in the opposite order, people who died later like Rory and Kat still affected the lives of others. Even the kid at the end could have affected someone's chain of events in his last few days- the ripple would continue.

Correction: Hence the possibility for an FD3.

Corrected entry: It is said that all would be over when new life defeats death, what means that someone has to be dead and then revived. Unfortunately this already happened in Final Destination 1. When Alex saves Clear by holding the wire his heart stops beating. You can tell because the FBI-Agent says so and tries CPR. Alex survives, so this should count as a new life. In this case, all would have been over even before Carter dies at the end of part 1.

Correction: The "new life" thing only worked to close the rift between the two sets. This is the same reason why Death acts in reverse in the second group, to close the rift. In the original movie, there is only one set working forward, thus no rift.

Correction: "New life" means the birth of a baby; the characters say so themselves.

They thought the "New Life" meant the birth of the baby but Kimberly sees her vision again and sees that the pregnant woman was not involved in the accident in her vision. That is why Clear and Eugene die after the birth of the baby.

Corrected entry: If Death's design has been totally messed up and was started all over again the death of the boy at the end of the movie makes no sense. He may have to be dead according to the old plan because his life causes a new rift, but the old plan does not count anymore. His spectacular death would be obvious if the old design would still work, but in this case it means his original place in the new design expects him to explode on a barbecue, what seems quite odd.

Correction: His death was in a list of its own; he would have died if Rory hadn't saved him. Kimberley saved herself and officer burke alone because only their list was wiped clean

Corrected entry: The scene where the chain snaps and makes the logs fall off the semi-trailer isn't consistent with real loads. Normally on a flat bed trailer there are 8 chains along with side rails to prevent a spill. Also the weight of those logs would have been on a semi-trailer with an extra set of wheel assemblies. Bottom line, one chain snapping would not have made the logs fall off. Plus log trailers do not rely on chains alone to hold the logs on. There are poles made of 4" box tubing on the sides of the trailer.

Correction: The point is that the vehicles on the road are driving dangerously- everyone else on the road is breaking the rules/law

Correction: Two things: one, the logs falling originally didn't have a certain kind of "bounce" to them and this was changed in effects; second, Death can change anything to make sure that somebody dies, since it always intervenes. Added to that, since when are people always do their jobs properly? My dad complains about how he's the only one to do so at his job; people can be lazy/stupid you know, as evidenced by Kimberly's friends not wearing their seat belts.

Corrected entry: When Clear opens the door of her cell first she already stands in the back of the room. When she opens it next time the button is right next to the door, what means she would have stood there the first time, too.

Correction: When Clear opens the door the second time, you can see that it takes a little bit before it opens giving her the chance to go and sit back down.

Corrected entry: Maybe it's just me, but has anyone ever actually heard news anchors report the news like they do in this movie? They do not say that a victim was 'impaled through the head with a ladder.' I figure that they can come up with something a little more tactful.


Correction: About a week ago I heard a news report about a man who had a crossbow bolt "driven through his skull." If there are no tactful ways to describe what's happened then they normally describe the situation. The press are not as prudish as they used to be.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: The kid that got killed by a gas grill that blew up was originally meant to get hit by a news van when the entire car collision occurred. I don't think he was meant to die there because none of those people should have been alive in the first place and the entire car collision in the fields was never supposed to exist.

Correction: If thats true then none of the characters would be going through this, they all cheated death due to the deaths in the first one.

Corrected entry: Clear is very pale, from not being outside in several months. When we first see her yet she magically gets some color by the time she reaches Kim's house.

Correction: Ever heard of make-up?

Corrected entry: When the pigeon smashes through the window at the dentist, the colours on its back, change colour between shots.

Correction: They are not the same pidgeons.

Corrected entry: When the pregnant lady has her baby, she gives birth to a fully grown 4 month old kid. No wonder she was screaming so much.


Correction: The baby was not 4 months old, if you watch the movie on DVD with infinifilm, it will tell you during the birth scene that the baby is only a few weeks old.

Corrected entry: When the rescue crew is using the jaws of life to get the one girl out of the car, wouldn't it be standard procedure to disable the air bag? Or at the very least remove the 12 inch spike right behind her head?

Correction: It may be standard procedure, but not everyone follows standard procedure to the letter. Since the airbag wasn't released in the accident, the rescue worker may have assumed there wasn't any.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the boy gets squashed by the falling glass, the glass seems to fall straight to the ground and all we can see is blood - no body. It looks as though the glass just squashed him to a pulp - yet a few shots later we see him in a body bag getting lifted in to an ambulance with the outline of his body perfectly clear. How is this possible when there was no body to pick up?

Correction: If you just glance at the body bag, you can see that there is no distinct outline of any body whatsoever. It appears to be an empty body bag.

Corrected entry: When Timmy is choking on a plastic fish at the dentists', he is unable to remove it as the Nitrous Oxide stops him from being able to move properly. However, when the nurse comes in an removes the fish, Timmy gasps, sits up a little bit and very quickly moves his hand from his chest to his side. What happened to the paralysis?

Correction: Death probably kept his hand from moving (much like the bullets in the gun when the guy tried to shoot himself), and when the nurse saved him he was able to move freely since he couldnt die that way anymore.

Corrected entry: I know that journalists can't drive, but they would surely notice reversing onto a pile of rocks hard enough to damage the fuel tank? But they didn't even acknowledge it at all.

Correction: The news crew would not have felt or heard anything. The fuel tank is pierced by a sharp rock pointed upwards, which combined with the weight and momentum of the van, would punch through the metal very easily.

Corrected entry: When Kimberly pulls out in front of the traffic after her vision there are heaps of cars held up. If she hadn't stopped way more people would have been killed than just Norma, Timmy, Rory, Kat and Eugine, Isabella, the baby and the cop.

Correction: Actually, she only blocked an off-ramp, not the whole highway. The only people on the off-ramp are the people Death kills in the film, plus Isabella.


Corrected entry: Why would Ewan die as the first one? In the pile-up scene, he dies as one of the last persons. Yet in the first movie they die in the order in which they would have died.

Correction: It is made clear in the movie that this time Death's design is different than FD1, the people who die in FD2 are dying in reverse, so Ewen being the last to die in the pile-up dies first.

troy fox

Corrected entry: In the premonition car crash sequence Kimberley's blonde friend can be seen momentarily with her head outside the red van (through a sun-roof or window). The van then flips on that side squashing her head, cut to an interior shot and the blonde is a bit bloody but still alive and conscious.

Correction: I'm pretty sure that it is not her head that is out the sunroof. It is only her hair that is out.

Corrected entry: If Clear was so concerned about her safety, then surely she would have avoided bleaching her hair from dark in the 1st film to blonde in this sequel, think of all those nasty chemicals. Plus why volunteer to stay in a locked padded cell? Surely the risk of being trapped in a possible fire at the institution or failed air supply causing suffocation would have entered her head?


Correction: Clear actually bleached her hair in the first movie. Its blonde at the end during the whole paris sequence because they had actually finished the movie months ago. But the ending was eventually changed so they came back and did the paris scenes.

Corrected entry: When the lottery winner gets his hand and watch stuck in the disposal, he finally pulls out his hand without the watch. Yet when he's climbing down the fire escape, he's wearing it again.

Correction: It was his ring he dropped down the waste grinder, not his watch. He had the watch on the whole time.


Corrected entry: After Kimberly has blocked the on ramp with her 4x4 she is parked parallel with the traffic flow, yet the second truck demolishes her vehicle by hitting it full on, on the left hand side. If the 4x4 was hit on the left in its original position it would have been driven up the on ramp into the rest of the parked traffic.

Correction: Kimberly isn't parked parallell with traffic, she is on an onramp and turns left to totally block it so the rest of the cars can't get on the freeway (perpendicular with traffic) so a truck would in fact plough into the 4x4's left side


Corrected entry: On the DVD. In the scene where Clear Rivers opens the hospital room door and gets incinerated, her face and skin were completely melted. But notice that when the body hits the floor, the leather jacket is virtually unburned. Wouldn't it have melted even before her skin would?

Correction: Going on the assumption that Clear is not a victim of tanning beds and does not have leather skin, the reason her skin melted away so fast is because human cells are primarily water which would have evaporated quickly in such fiery heat. Leather, on the other hand is almost completely dehydrated which would keep it from burning quickly (that is why welders and foundry workers use leather aprons, gloves,etc.)


Corrected entry: Final Destination ends one year after the plane crashed. That is the same day the second movie begins. But at the end of the first movie, there are still two people alive. So the second died between the two movies, when? If this isn't convincing: one of the victims, Rory, witnessed the death of the last victim shown in the first movie. How could he be in two places at the same time?

Correction: The first Final Destination actually ended six months after the plane crash, hence the subtitle " 6 MONTHS LATER" in the last scene in Paris. This gives Alex from the first film a further six months to die before the start of the second. It is actually mentioned in the film that Alex died 3 months after the Paris incident.

Corrected entry: If Death was working backwards through the order people would have died, Clear should have been last on the list to die, as she was the one who defied death first.

Correction: Clear was on the list of people who were supposed to die on Flight 180, the others were on the list for the Highway 180 pile-up. Two different lists, two different orders, and since Clear is the only survivor from list one she can be killed any time.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Kimberley has the premonition about the road crash, she had been driving on the highway for a while before the truck with the logs passed her, then subsequently crashed. However, back in reality, the log truck passed and crashed virtually right in front of them - within yards of the junction. If they had actually driven onto the highway when the lights turned green, they would have been miles ahead of the crash scene.


Correction: In Kimberly's vision she pulls out in front of the truck and causes it to slow down, probably delaying the accident by a few minutes. In real life she never cut in front of it, meaning it never slowed down, so the accident happened much sooner.


Corrected entry: During the news report that is on in Eugene's hospital room, the anchorwoman says that the pipe that killed Kat was metal, but it wasn't - it was plastic.

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Correction: Many times a newsroom has mis-reported an incident. Other times two news stations may report different accounts of the same story.


Corrected entry: Who on Earth keeps a kayak on a pulley system in their living room?

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Correction: It is unlikely, but still personal taste.


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Mrs. Gibbons: Brian, I think you'd better go check that barbecue.



When the lottery winner is going to die, the beer bottle he takes out of the fridge moves all over the place. It even vanishes a couple of times.



Before Evan dies there are lots of signs showing how he will die, for instance: the doll in the hallway is missing its right eye, the fridge magnets spell 'eye' after one falls off and lastly he has just bought an 'i' mac computer.