Midnight Madness

Plot hole: Never in the film do the police try to stop the teams from causing havoc. There is really no way Leon has that much influence in the game. In fact, the only authority figures who really try and stop them are the security guards at the Bonaventure Hotel.

Continuity mistake: When the yellow team goes into the Bonaventure Hotel, David takes his sweatshirt off and gives it to Michael J. Fox. They are different sizes but the sweatshirt fits perfectly.

Other mistake: The elevator in the Bonaventure Hotel shows buttons for 51 floors. The Bonaventure has only 35 storeys.

Continuity mistake: Leon is shown to live in Hollywood Towers. When the game is starting he and the players are standing in front of the building's doors. Yet each time the blue team is shown, the Hollywood Towers building is some distance away behind them.

Grumpy Scot

Scott Larson: My brother doesn't know I exist, he didn't even remember my birthday.
Laura - Yellow Team: When's your birthday?
Scott Larson: Today.

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Trivia: Not only is this Michael J. Fox's first movie, David Naughton, the main star, is drinking a Dr. Pepper with his dinner. Naughton was the Dr. Pepper pitchman in the mid 70's.

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Question: What are the make and model for the vehicles each team uses?

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