Midnight Madness

Continuity mistake: When at the poolside of the Bonaventure Hotel, Adam looks at one of the express elevators ascending. Then he turns and runs for the elevators, followed by the blue team. Miraculously, both elevators are now at the bottom floor. (01:40:55)

Benjamin Tiffany

Deliberate mistake: There is a man and a woman who do the voices on the radios Leon listens to at Game Control. The man also does the voice for 530 AM at the airport, while the woman does the voice for the airport intercom, first noticeable when the White Team arrives at the airport. The woman then does the voice of the hotel operator, "Paging Mr. Player." These two are very busy indeed.

Benjamin Tiffany

Revealing mistake: When Laura tears the piece of paper with the LAX clue on it, you can see the paper crease so she will have a straight tear.

William Bergquist
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Trivia: Not only is this Michael J. Fox's first movie, David Naughton, the main star, is drinking a Dr. Pepper with his dinner. Naughton was the Dr. Pepper pitchman in the mid 70's.

Trivia: The front license plate on Harold's van reads Will Win.

William Bergquist

Trivia: Mickey Mouse's presence is seen twice in the film - First as the supposed found clue by the White Team on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And second, in the background of the gift shop when Adam and Laura are talking. Midnight Madness is a Buena Vista (i.e. Disney) film. (00:27:15 - 01:13:05)

Benjamin Tiffany
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Leon: See you at the finish line... wherever that may be.

Lucille: What does it mean, Harold?
Harold: How should I know? That's why my dad got me a computer.

Scott Larson: My brother doesn't know I exist, he didn't even remember my birthday.
Laura - Yellow Team: When's your birthday?
Scott Larson: Today.

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Question: What song are Melio and Barf playing at the piano museum?

Answer: It's called Heart And Soul. Also known for the big piano scene in the movie Big.


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