Midnight Madness

Deliberate mistake: There is a man and a woman who do the voices on the radios Leon listens to at Game Control. The man also does the voice for 530 AM at the airport, while the woman does the voice for the airport intercom, first noticeable when the White Team arrives at the airport. The woman then does the voice of the hotel operator, "Paging Mr. Player." These two are very busy indeed.

Benjamin Tiffany

Deliberate mistake: The 27th floor is very tiny indeed, despite the outside view showing it to be as big as any other floor. On one end is the stairway. On the opposite side is the elevator Adam's team rides up in. There are only 4 rooms total, and between two of the room doors is the elevator ridden by the security guards. Also, logistically, the security Guard's elevator cannot be there if you notice the area at ground level where Adam's team enters their elevator. (01:46:40)

Benjamin Tiffany

Deliberate mistake: Blaylak was extremely intoxicated when the Green team first got to the mini-golf place but he was stone cold sober just minutes later when the White team confronted them about their poor sportsmanship.

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