Midnight Madness

Audio problem: When the green team is solving the first clue, Blaylak says "STARS" and the four guys congratulate him. A voice says "Blaylak, way to go" but no one on the team is actually saying it.

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William Bergquist

Audio problem: In the scene where the yellow team beats the Star Fire video game, Leon is seen on screen and speaks to them after about 10 seconds. When the red team beats the game, Leon is heard from the game saying the same things almost right after they beat it.

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When at the poolside of the Bonaventure Hotel, Adam looks at one of the express elevators ascending. Then he turns and runs for the elevators, followed by the blue team. Miraculously, both elevators are now at the bottom floor.



Not only is this Michael J. Fox's first movie, David Naughton, the main star, is drinking a Dr. Pepper with his dinner. Naughton was the Dr. Pepper pitchman in the mid 70's.