Midnight Madness

Revealing mistake: When Laura tears the piece of paper with the LAX clue on it, you can see the paper crease so she will have a straight tear.

William Bergquist

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Harold drops the controller after playing Pong on his computer in the van, the game is still being played on the screen. In addition, it should be a paddle controller not a joystick controller.


Revealing mistake: While in the Bonaventure hotel, the white team poses as bellboys and helps an old lady and her barking dog onto the elevator. The dog inside the canine caddy is obviously stuffed.

William Bergquist

Revealing mistake: At the airport, each team has its own locker according to color. However, when the view changes to inside the locker as each team member opens it and takes out the box, it is the same locker over and over again as indicated by the scratches and scuff marks on the inside of the door.

William Bergquist

Continuity mistake: When at the poolside of the Bonaventure Hotel, Adam looks at one of the express elevators ascending. Then he turns and runs for the elevators, followed by the blue team. Miraculously, both elevators are now at the bottom floor. (01:40:55)

Benjamin Tiffany
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Scott Larson: My brother doesn't know I exist, he didn't even remember my birthday.
Laura - Yellow Team: When's your birthday?
Scott Larson: Today.

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Trivia: The front license plate on Harold's van reads Will Win.

William Bergquist
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Question: What are the make and model for the vehicles each team uses?

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